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Air France is famous and widely known as the French Flag carrier and is operating in a very exceptional way from its hub from Paris-Charles de gaulle Airport. What is unique about this Airline is the fact that it operates and covers about more than 2

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which include about 35 domestic airports and a terrific 200 destinations in more than 90 countries like Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

Air France has been a rock-solid member of Sky Team Alliance making it one of the most pristine Airlines in the world.

Air France has got its codeshare agreements with countries with about 30 other Airlines. Air France’s fleet of about 234 passenger Aircraft consists of both Airbus and Boeing planes with a very interesting variety of cabin configurations.

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Air France Route Map

  • Air France is a global airline which has been operating since the year 2011.
  • It flies to about 36 domestic destinations.
  • Explores 168 international destinations.
  • Discover about 93 countries which include territories of France and the overseas territories as well.
  • Air France spans six major continents.

Air France’s flights are operated from one of the most pristine Airports, which is Paris-Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport. What is a strong point regarding Air France is that it has got a very strong presence at Paris-Orly, Lyon-Saint-Exupery, Marseilles Provence, Toulouse Balgnac as part of Air France.  Air France is in partnership with Delta Airlines and Alitalia through the Sky Team alliance through a very profitable joint venture and due to which, its codeshare agreements are developing rapidly.  

Air France Baggage Policy

Air France Airlines Baggage Allowance

So, if next time you decide to travel to book your Airlines Ticket you would need to check out the baggage policy regarding the same which is very important.

Baggage Policies:

1) Carry-on Baggage: What you can carry

If in case, you as a passenger are traveling with a child then you can bring 1 additional small baggage item which must weigh to about less than 12 kg and measure up to 55cm x 25cm x 35cm.

2) Checked Baggage: Authorization

Every baggage item shall not exceed 23 kg and must not measure more than 158 cm which includes the length, width, and the height. If you as a passenger are carrying bags which weigh more than 23 kg that will be subject to an extra fee which would be applicable up to it.

3) Oversize Baggage: Too much of everything is bad

The dimensions of the baggage must not exceed the specified total dimension of 62 inches inclusive of its height and length and weight. If in case you as a passenger want to carry items which are heavier than the particular limit then additional fees would be charged for the same. 

4) Special Baggage: Speciality matters

If the baggage is of 24 to 32 kilograms then an additional $100.00 extra per bag is charged excluding Brazil for First Class, Business Class, Advantage Executive Platinum.

Air France Inflight Services

The most Phenomenal On board Services

Premium Economy, Economy & Business:

Air France offers you with extremely spacious cabins and the most iconic leg room which is a must if you really want to experience Air Traveling to the full. Basically, it is an improved Air Traveling experience in every way you can imagine. The seats in Air France include the specific flight schedule chosen by the passenger according to his/her specific needs. What makes the passengers Air Traveling experience a premium one is the fact that the seats are equipped with multiple storage facility which includes ports, in case if you want to charge your hand sets or other gadgets.

Seat Options: Get that extra leg room

What makes Traveling with Air France a very exceptional experience is the fact that you as a passenger travel with extra leg room which not many Airlines offer and hence becomes a part of the USP of Air France. In Air France flight you can discover the various seat options which are available and you get to choose the seat which is best suited according to your specific needs.

Dining options: Savour the delicacies

As a precious customer of Air France, you get to devour the most delicious cuisine while Air Traveling. When it comes to the long-haul flights no extra charge is applicable from the ‘A la Carte’ menu which is amazing in itself.

Inflight Entertainment: Get the most iconic entertainment experience

If you book your Air Plane Tickets with Air France you get to choose the entertainment program that best suits your needs. If you want an action flick, you get that. If you want a romantic comedy, you get that too and many other things ranging from the hilarious cartoons to movies to series and much more making your Air Traveling experience worthwhile and all this you get with Air France flight ticket reservation.

Air France Press:

You as a passenger get to download your favorite newspapers and magazines without any charge with the Air France Press app. What can one want more?

Air France Pet Policy:


Method of Transport

According to Air France Pet Policy, the pet must remain in the kennel under the seat for the entire duration of flight hours i.e. duration of the pet travel. And if the pet is to be carried as checked baggage then it must be settled in the pressurized and temperature controlled area of the aircraft. 

Passenger Cabin

Pets that meet the following qualification assessment can travel or are allowed to travel in the passenger cabin as well.

Only dogs and cats are allowed for traveling in the passenger cabin. For example, there are certain breeds like Staffordshire Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers (pit bulls), Mastiffs, and Tosas which are not allowed at all. Whereas dogs and cats which are less than 6 kg in weight are allowed to fly. However, the guide dogs are authorized regardless of the weight. For the pet to fly, it must be 8 weeks old with the proper vaccination treatments for pets. Traveling with pets can really prove to be a unique experience indeed.

Checked baggage

Pets meeting the following qualification and are allowed as checked baggage.

Dogs and cats which weigh more than 6 kg in weight and who are less than 75 kg are allowed for a pet carrier. Only domesticated dogs and cats are allowed for air travel. You must possess the necessary health documents for your pet animal for it to be somewhat eligible as a pet carrier.

Pet Transport

The passenger has to pay a fixed amount for pet transport which is not included in baggage allowance. For flights in metropolitan France: 20 EUR is applicable. Flights between France and Pointe a Pitre, Fort de France, Cayenne or Saint-Denis de la Reunion: an amount of 75 EUR is charged.

Kennel requirements

Air France's kennel requirements are as following:

  • On-board kennel sizes: 17x12x8in.; 18x11x11in.; 20x12x12in.
  • In-hold kennel sizes: 21x16x15in.; 27x20x19in.; 32x22x23in.

Other information

The container must be properly ventilated and must not allow any part of the animal, whatsoever from coming out of the box. It also must offer a considerable space room for the animal to stand and move comfortably.  It must also contain an absorbent material or litter. And it is equally necessary to comply with the health documentation rules as well. For this, the passenger may have to consult with the veterinarian and the local embassy. 

Other restrictions

Air France, as a leading Airline can and may completely refuse to transport an animal due to factors like illness, aggressive behavior and temperature as well which is too extreme in certain regions.

For further information pet transportation service, you can contact the airline directly.

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Air France Unaccompanied Minor Service

If you as a passenger are traveling with Air France, the unaccompanied minor service becomes very much mandatory for the children between the age group of 4 to 11 years of age.

If we talk about the children of age group between 12-17 years of age then they are not required to travel as unaccompanied minors, but they can if they want as it is an optional service in that regard.

If you are using the service of the international flights, then children between 5-14 years must use the unaccompanied minor service.

Fees Associated:

If we talk about the Domestic flights regarding the unaccompanied minor service then you would be charged about 30-90 Euros which would depend upon the distance travelled and if we talk about the International flights then 50-75 Euros would be applicable which would again depend upon the distance travelled.


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