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US Airways was started in 1930 and was firstly named as US Airways. What is unique about this Airline is the fact that it is the world’s largest airline networking system and is profoundly measured by its massive revenue and fleet size. 

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US Airways operates as a primary hub at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and has its secondary hubs at airports across the United States.

US Airways covers about 345 flying destinations in North America, Asia, Caribbean, South America, Asia and Europe. The fleet of US Airways consists of about 963 aircrafts which is amazing in itself.

US Airways is considered to be among the top three carriers in the United States. US Airways operates domestic and international flight routes as well, hence connecting the country to various destinations all across the globe. The Airline also displays a significant influence in the establishment of La Guardia Airport, which is considered to be the home of US Airways Admirals Club. US Airways is also a member of the Oneworld Alliance and has partnerships with prestigious names in the airline industry like Qatar Airways and British Airways. 

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The US Airways operated interchange flight services in partnership with Alaska Airlines during the decade of 1970’s from Texas and Alaska and it was during the time period of Trans-Alaska oil pipeline. This specific interchange agreement made single, no change of air craft service between Houston, Dallas, Texas/ Alaska and Fairbanks.

If we talk about the round trip routing of interchange flights, then, they are Houston-Dallas/Fort Worth-Seattle-Anchorage Fairbanks with Seattle, Washington which serves as the interchange point where flights and cabin crews were changed from one airline to the other. Boeing 727-200 jetliners provided by both US Airways and Alaska Airlines were utilized to provide this interchange service.

US Airways Baggage Policy

Carry-on Baggage:

One carry-on bag is allowed in-flights and one personal item like a purse, briefcase or a laptop bag. The maximum size and weight of it should be 45 linear inches inclusive of handles and wheels.

Checked Baggage:

2 standard bags are allowed in US Airways which includes up to 10 bags maximum for domestic, Transatlantic and Transpacific. And if your travel plans include Brazil, Caribbean Central America, Mexico and South America then the limit is up to 5 bags.

The maximum dimensions of which is 62 inches inclusive of length, width and height and maximum weight is 23 kilograms.

For US domestic flights which include Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands the applicable fee is applied: For the First bag, it is about $25.00 and for a second bag it is $35.00.

For the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico following fee is applicable: For the First bag, it is $25.00 and for second bag it is $40.00

For Brazil, South America and Transpacific: The First bag is free and the second bag as well.

For Transatlantic: The First bag is free and second bag is charged for $100.00

What if you have Excess Baggage: For US domestic flights which are inclusive of Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin island.

The Third bag is applicable for $150.00 and the fourth bag is applicable for $200.00 per bag

For Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico:  The third bag is charged for $150.00 and the fourth bag is charged for $200.00 per bag

For Brazil, third bag is charged for $85.00 and for the fourth bag + $85.00 per bag is charged.

For South America: The Third bag is charged for $150.00 and for the fourth bag + $200.00 per bag is applicable.

For Transatlantic and Transpacific: the third bag is charged for $200.00 and for fourth bag + $200.00 per bag is charged.

Overweight Baggage

For the baggage which is up to 24 to 32 kilograms: $100.00 extra per bag is charged exclusive of Brazil. And 33 to 46 kilograms an amount of $200.00 extra per bag is charged. Bags which are exceeding 46 kilograms in their weightage will not be accepted as a checked baggage at all.

Oversize Baggage:

The bags which are between 62-125 inches $200 on US domestic, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, South America, and Transpacific is charged and on the other hand, $150 is applicable for Brazil and Transatlantic.

Besides, there are certain limitations on baggage when traveling to Bolivia, Paraguay, and cities in Brazil. Baggage’s which exceed 125 inches or 320 centimeters in dimension and size will not be accepted at all.

Sports Equipment:

Sports equipment such as golf kit, fishing equipment will be accepted up to US Airways' size and weight limits and will count as one checked bag. Associated fees might be applied.

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US Airways Inflight Services

US Airways Inflight services

Bringing in new planes

US Airways is taking delivery of a new plane every week on an average basis and is simultaneously refreshing and modernizing the look so as to make the flying experience a comfortable one for the passengers.


To ensure that the customers get the most amazing seating experience the airline offers its customers that they get the pleasure of seating with extra legroom allowing them to stretch their legs and feel a little relaxed. There is also an option for reserved seats or choice seats which can be booked during flight reservation process.

Amenity Kit

If you fly with US Airways then you get the luxury of choice to choose from a wide range of fresh products. And if you are flying with US Airways then you get the 100% fresh cotton pyjamas exclusively.


Stay connected with enabled Wi-Fi on US Airways which includes smartphones as well.


You can receive a 25% savings on in-seat entertainment featuring all kinds of in-flight movies, TV, games and music purchases when using your AAdvantage card.

Dining Experience

The customer can satisfy his/her hunger cravings with a snack, or with a satisfying meal on board! Our experienced chefs prepare dishes to delight your taste buds and compliment your journey in a very amicable manner. US Airways also has the best collection of wines that complement the in-flight menu, hence making your in-flight experience a really soothing one.

US Airways Pet Policy:

US Airways  Pets Policy

Method of Transportation

According to the rules and regulations of US Airways, the pets can be transported as checked baggage and shipped cargo in pressurized temperature and controlled area. 

Passenger Cabin

Under the passenger cabin, the pets can travel if the following criteria’s are met

The animal must be able to stand properly, turn around lie flat down in its natural position. However, an important point of fact to be noted down is that only domesticated dogs and cats are allowed. Dogs and cats must be at least 8 weeks old in age. For further details on Pets traveling and reservation contact US Airways directly.

Checked Baggage

There are certain conditions to be met if you want that your pet must travel as checked baggage.

The passenger’s itinerary must not include travel to the United Kingdom. The pet must remain in its kennel during the entire flight hours. What is an interesting point is the fact that checked pets do not require any kind of reservation.


If, however, the pet does not meet the requirements for flying in the cabin or checked baggage then the option for cargo can be used as per the convenience.

 Fees Associated

Fee for animals in the passenger cabin is $125 one way would be applicable. Fees for pets checked baggage is of about $175 which is applicable.

Kennel requirements

The kennel must be made of materials like wood, plastic, metal which must be leak-proof, escape-proof and must be ventilated in a fairly good manner. Separate food and water dishes must be attached to it. It must be labeled as ‘Live Animal’ in such a way that it is fairly visible to the human eye.

Health Documentation

US Airways doesn’t require any kind of health documents specifically but it is generally the responsibility of the passenger to make available all the necessary documents related to the animal’s health.

Other Restrictions

 In certain cases, the US Airways may refuse to carry the pet which can be due to many reasons such as the extreme behavior of the animal, poor kennelling etc.

US Airways Deals & Special Offers :

  • Fly between U.S. Australia and Canada and receive up to 90,000 bonus miles.
  • The passenger receives every single update for US Airways on his/her email.
  • Avail special tour and vacation packages on US Airways online flight booking.
  • Use your bonus miles to upgrade to First class and Business class.
  • The passenger can redeem his/her miles to avail benefits of hotel booking and car rentals.
  • As a member of Advantage programme the passenger earns miles while traveling with US Airways.

US Airways Unaccompanied Minor Service

Unaccompanied minor service in US Airways

The unaccompanied minor service is compulsory for children between the age group of 5-14 years. Children who are between the age group of 15-17 years are not considered as a part of unaccompanied minor service. However, if they choose they can avail the benefits of it. The applicable fee for an unaccompanied minor is about $150 each way. Two or more unaccompanied children of the same family will be assessed under a single charge.

Flight restrictions: unaccompanied minors who are between the age group of 5-14, cannot travel on an itinerary that involves a change of aircraft. Furthermore, US Airways, American eagle, and American connection do not accept unaccompanied minors if their itinerary includes a connection to/from another airline.

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