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10 Amazing Destinations To Travel In The Month Of December

By on November 13, 2018

Well what words can be used to admire the month of December?

It is the month in which we have got some of the amazing festivities such as Christmas, New Year and a beautiful winter season.

Just the right combination for traveling and exploring new places and travel getaways offers us with some unforgettable smiles and exotic memories to live by. Isn’t it so? So, if you are the type of person who perhaps loves to do shopping and buy gifts for your family members then traveling to Europe in the month of December would prove to be a good decision.

Here is the list of handpicked places to visit in the month of December.

1. Gubbio Christmas Tree

It is here in this very place that you will be finding the largest Christmas tree in the world. Watching hundreds of lights strung from the top of the mountain to its very base is one of the most charming things which you will be seeing out there.

The tree is around 2,130 feet in its height and can be seen interestingly from 30 miles as well. It was in the year of 1981 that the residents of this place one day wanted to just celebrate Christmas in a very different way. Hence, this idea was born. The lights are turned up on the night of December 7 and then are turned off in early January.

2. Sydney Firework

On the new year’s eve the travelers of Sydney need to watch out in the sky for a succinct and breath taking experience.

This annual celebration starts with an air show and then is followed by tug boats which spray water into air. Apart from this, other activities include lightning up the harbour bridge and of course there are lot of fireworks which can be seen from various points across the city. It is no doubt, one of the most stunning destinations to visit in December.

3. Guatemala – Burning of the Devil

Celebrated in the central American country this festival is quite popular among the masses. According to the popular belief of Guatemalan theory the devil lives in their very homes. So, for this very purpose every year on December 7, they toss the rubbish into the streets where it is then set on fire.

4. Nassau, Bahamas Junkanoo

The Bahamians gives rise to the popular theory that Junkanoo was started back in the late 18th century. It was a time when slaves were given about three days off at Christmas to celebrate. In this time, they wear colourful masks as they sing and dance simultaneously. The parade starts at 2 a.m. and lasts about eight hours. Yes, it takes that long for colourfully costumed performers who are in groups of 1,000 people each.

5. Christmas in Vienna

We can say that Vienna in Laos turns into a fairyland during Christmas season. If you want to do shopping, then the markets generally open in mid-November and close on Christmas eve. The people can be seen enjoying and roaming around with their loved ones. It is quite a great place to explore new things as well.

6. The Maldives

Maldives need no introduction when it comes to traveling. No doubt, it is a great month to visit Maldives as there is no to little rain. And these small yet exuberantly amazing islands are some of the most spectacular in the world to see and explore. This place is amazing enough to come under the top 10 must visit places in December.

7. Nuremberg Christmas Market

There couldn’t be anything better than an international shopping spree for Christmas gifts for everyone. The Nuremberg Christmas Market is one such place where you can easily get some of the most interesting items to shop from.

8. Douz – Festival of the Sahara

It is quite interesting to know that the palm trees of this place outnumber the permanent residents. And it is only when the International festival of the Sahara takes place the population kind of swells considerably as the visitors flock to this oasis on the edge of the desert. And for four days costumed performers dance and also play traditional musical instruments along with putting on amazing juggling acts.

9. Times Square New Year’s Eve

Times square is a very enchanting place and is full of interesting activities all the time. But it is during the new years’ time that you get to see a great number of people. More than a million people jam the square for annual celebration which includes live entertainment programs along with balloons and confetti.

10. Antarctica

It is one of the best places to visit, especially in the month of December. However, owing to the fact that Antarctica is located in the southern hemisphere so it is summer time there. The visitors can also experience daylight up to 20 hours of the day. And it is also the time of the year when the amicable penguin chicks start hatching.

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