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10 Most Epic Beach Hotels in Europe

By on October 18, 2018

The combination of a beach and a hotel is something which is enough in itself to give people travel goals.

We bet you would agree to this!

Who wouldn’t want to spend the vacations in a place which not just offers peace but unlimited opportunities for having fun as well.

And a beach hotel is just the kind of place which can provide you with such phenomenal possibilities to explore for yourself.

Here is the list of some of the most famous budget-friendly beach hotel destinations in Europe which you don’t wanna miss out on!

1. La Minervetta, Sorrento

It is a kind of place which is out and out brilliant when it comes to travel away with your buddies and family. The true nature of this place reveals itself to be quite iconic. The bedrooms and the amazing white walls give this place an aura of simplicity.

2. Hostel Sa Racassa, Costa Brava

This hostel was owned by a person whose name was Oscar Górriz. The simplicity of this place is quite luxurious in it’s feel. And the other supporting things and furniture for a bedroom give it to be a succinct feel and touch.

It is for the ultra-modern as well as people who are indigenous in their way of living making it to be a perfect combination for living and staying around.

3. Don Ferrante, Monopoli

Want to know the true taste of Italy? Then my friend, this is the right place where you should go to. Here, you will be finding fishermen still amending their nets and selling sardines from buckets by the harbour. However, it is quite interesting to know that this townhouse was originally a fortress. No doubt it is one of the best places to travel in Europe. So, what are you waiting for? Find and book cheap and luxury hotels in Europe online with our travel specialists at affordable prices.

So, if you ever plan to visit this place then you would be making a good decision.

4. Hotel Portixol, Palma

This hotel is just 15 minutes away from new marina. And it is when you enter this amazing hotel, that you discover the Spanish architect Rafael Vidal’s open plan interior which is an eye-candy to look at.

It is a great place to spend some really amazing time with your family and friends.

5. Gecko Beach, Formentera

Gecko is a place which is quite fancy when it comes to spending your holidays with your loved ones. Here, there is a famous place which is quite immaculate when it comes to lime washed furniture and it’s instagrammable design.

And when it comes to food then it is simply delicious.

6. Vila Joya, The Algarve

It is the kind of place which bestows an aura of perfection over its travellers. And on the west is situated Vila Joya which is a very wonderful spot for watching various moods and passions of this coastline.

7. La Malà, Vernazza

The Vernazza is a kind of place which is quite amazing in its overall design with faded pastel buildings. This place has been quite famous for its amicable views and thriving natural wonders. The sunlight-filled bedrooms of this place have a buttery soft linen which is just simply amazing in all its immensity.

8. Hotel De Toiras, Saint-Martin-De-Ré

This hotel is something of a phenomenal thing in itself. The windswept little island is quite chic in its feel and also quite ‘Atlantique’ in its aura. And other than that, the sand dunes and pine forests, oyster beds and vineyards along with the whitewashed houses set the tone in a kind of manner which is out and out amazing.

9. Ekies All Senses Resort, Vourvourou

The kind of over-sized and Indian style daybed in the lobby makes Ekies All Senses Resort kind of an inviting place for tourists and travellers alike. The coco-mat mattresses in the bedrooms which are thick cushioned are quite comfortable to use. Overall, it is a place of quite vesting emotions which make it to be an intense travel possibility.

10. La Coorniche, Pyla-Sur-Mer

This place is of quite immense quirkiness simultaneously offering a kind of freshness right on the sand dunes with undaunting views of the skies and sea.

Overall, we can say that it is quite an amazing beach hotel in all of Europe. So, if you want to explore all of these epic hotels then simply dial +1 (844) 707-6838 and get in touch with our travel experts. We will make sure that you get the best discounts on hotel booking.