12 Most Mesmerizing Small Towns In California

By on March 14, 2018

California is the kind of country which is known for its exceptional scenic beauty and not just that, it is filled with great restaurants, beaches, amusement parks and many other tourist destinations which you can visit with your family and friends enjoying to your fullest. And visiting the small towns of this state can really imbibe an altogether different experience within you.


Solvang is the kind of place which has its resemblance similar to a Danish village. It is located in California’s valley of Santa Ynez Valley which is simply an exceptional place altogether. It was established in the year of 1911 by a group of Danes.


Sausalito is the kind of place which is full of great vibrancy. It is here that you will be finding the largest local artist Co-Op in San Francisco Bay Area. It also has a great shopping complex where you can find some of the best restaurants and also enjoy al fresco dining experience. Overall, we can say that it is one of the best travel places to visit in California.

3.Pacific Grove

It is a little beach town which is located between Monterey & Pebble Beach and also has an unusual claim to fame. And from mid-October to mid-February there are thousands of delicate monarch butterflies which flutter into Pacific Grove for the purpose of spending there winters here. The primary attraction of this place is actually its pleasant weather which entices and draws tourism to this sector.


If you want to know what small-town charm is then this is the kind of place which you must definitely head to. It is also known for its restaurants which serve delicious fish, art galleries, and majestically lovely boutiques. You can also check out the wineries of this place which are present in this area.

5.Borrego Springs

The Borrego Springs is actually a desert town which is known for their immense beauty. It is the only village which is located entirely in the state park. And if you visit this place then chances are that you may see or find a dinosaur bone or some kind of other artifacts. And owing to its simple vibrancy this place is one of the most beautiful towns in California.


Situated in the old California in the Cuyamaca Mountains Julian is the kind of place which you won’t want to miss. Here you will be finding really historic old buildings and a little town which still has the iconic vibrancy of west. If you ever visit this place then you can book the cheapest flight tickets with our travel agents.


Located on the Santa Catalina Island, Avalon is the kind of place where you can spend your vacations with your family enjoying the scenic views of this place. And the charm of this town is simply exceptional and really majestic to experience. To get the lowest airfares and best discounts on flight tickets to California, you can reach our travel experts.


If you love peace then Mendocino is the kind of place which is a definite visit. And here you can also visit the innumerable stunning galleries and rugged coastlines. It is the kind of town which is known for its artistry. Mendocino is also known as the perfect destination for couples which is great in itself.

9.Nevada City

Nevada was discovered in the year of 1848 where thousands of settlers went flooded the state developed during that particular period. Its streets were lined with gambling and parlors, hotels and saloons. The old architecture of this place is actually quite an amazing place.


It is just the perfect little peaceful town where you can expect to pass some really exceptional time with your loved ones. It is here that L.A. residents are seeking a getaway which will reinvigorate them both physically and mentally as well. And the people here can indulge themselves in activities like hiking and biking. And apart from that people also enjoy a great shopping experience.

11.St. Helena

St. Helena is situated in the very middle of the great Napa Valley. It is simply an excellent and mind-blowing point where tourists participate in adventurous jumping activities.  And not just that, here people also enjoy some fine wine, delicious food and much more!


It is one of the most eclectically beautiful towns present in California. And this picturesque village features European-style cottages and boasts some really stunning white-sand beaches. The magnetic charm of this place is literally amazing to experience.

So, if you are planning to visit California then do visit these towns to make your trip a memorable one. For the best flight deals and air ticket prices to California, you can contact our travel specialists at the toll-free number +1 (844) 707-6838 .