15 Popular Things To Do In Nicaragua

By on May 16, 2018

If you are looking for something fun and amazing and something which is the incredible blend of relaxing and enjoying then Nicaragua is the kind of travel getaway where you should be headed. It is the land of scenic vistas and extraordinary tourist spots.

And owing to its wide potential it has been one of the hot destinations for families, couples, travelers and friends alike. And visiting this place, standing on the white sand beaches and seeing the magical sunset will tell you what this place is truly is and is about.

So, if you go this place then here is the list of some of the best things to do in Nicaragua which can make your traveling a comfortable experience.

1. The Granada

Granada is one of the most significant pieces of architecture in Nicaragua. And the best thing which you can do here is that you can take a kayaking trip to the nearby islets and enjoy your hiking trips to maybe Mombacho volcano. And while you are in the town then you can surely eat and taste this place’s amazing cuisine experience.

2. San Juan del Sur

It is quite a popular beach destination in all of Nicaragua and it is here that you will be finding some of the most majestically magical travel getaways. The best thing about this place is that here you can expect to enjoy surfing like no other place. It is one the best places to surf around the globe.

3. Visit Ometepe Island

Situated on Lago de Nicaragua this place is quite amazing. And the best activities of which you can be a part of here is hiking, surfing, cycling and delicious food (obviously). However, everything will cost you, for example, let’s just say that you choose to do hiking on a volcano then it may cost you around $20 and if you have locked this option then the best advice from our side would be to watch out for monkeys. No doubt, it is one of the top tourist spots  in Nicaragua.

4. Visit “new” León

Until the year of 1857 this city was the capital city of Nicaragua and to this very day also this country remains its intellectual capital. It is here that you will be finding a lot of churches around along with art museums. So, if you ever visit this iconic place then the best part would be to visit the Museum of Revolution which is quite fascinating and might just cost you about $2 in terms of an entrance fee.

5. Visit “old” León

This place has the audacity to take you back to the era of the 16th century and it is the only site which has been passed as the UNESCO world heritage site. Indeed it is quite a lavish tourist site to explore.

6. Go To Cerro Negro

Yeah trying the Cerro Negro which is an active volcano and to where tourists regularly participate in organized tours to the mountain would be quite a great idea. It’s the main reason that people in the very first place visit this particular scenic place.

7. The Corn Islands

The corn islands are an amazing destination to spend your vacations with your loved ones in the most iconic way possible. Mostly, people come here to participate in snorkeling activities and other things like scuba diving, fishing, sunbathing. Particularly there are two islands here which are little corn and big corn and both are astoundingly incredible to visit. And with us, you can book your flights to Nicaragua at lowest airfares possible.

8. Hiking Volcanoes

On Nicaragua, islands hiking is quite a popular activity in which you can participate to taste some adventure. However, it is quite a challenging activity and is also equally enjoyable. Some of the famous volcanoes which you can hike are Cerro Negro, Telica, and San Cristobal.

9. Hike Miraflores

This national park is out and out amazing when it comes to exploring some really beautiful scenic views and majestic travel getaways. If you love waterfalls, farms and forests then this is the place which would be best suited for you to spend an exciting vacation.

10. Visiting Stone Man

There is a man named Alberto Gutiérrez who has been carving animals and symbols outside Esteli for decades now. According to the legend, he was visited by angels in his dreams and who told him to carve whenever he wanted to drink alcohol badly. And since then he has been doing this activity.

11. Gallo Pinto

Gallo Pinto is one of the most common dishes which you will be finding in Nicaragua. So, be prepared to eat a lot of it. It is quite delicious actually. So, if you ever visit Nicaragua then do try it out.

12. Apoyo Lagoon

It is quite an exceptional spot to relax and enjoy. This is the kind of lagoon which you will like owing to its amazing beauty. There are plenty of opportunities which you can be a part of like sailing, fishing, and hiking.

13. Relaxing & Enjoying

Well, Nicaragua is quite an amazing place to relax and enjoy. Here you can sit on a beach, walk on it or even play on it. We can say that life here is quite amazing and incredibly slow is quite good.

14. Learn Something New Like Spanish

The best way to stay longer is participating in a homestay. And not just that there are many other ways to prolong your stay like learning Spanish, volunteering etc.

15. Volcano Boarding

Well, what more of an interesting thing there can be than taking part in volcano boarding. All you need to do is walk an hour or so along with a piece of wood and then just sit on it and there you go. The ride is quite adventurous and adrenaline rush.

With all this, we can say that visiting Nicaragua is quite an adventurous ride and we can make it a lot comfortable. For that, all you need to do is connect with our travel specialists and book flights to Nicaragua with us. Call +1 (844) 707-6838.