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38 Signs That You Are Addicted To Travel

By on September 14, 2018

Travel is the kind of thing which is out and amazing to experience in all its potential and can be simply addictive in its nature. Isn’t it so?

So, how to tell if you are a travel addict? What signs can tell you that you are addicted to traveling?

These signs will help you get to know better that you are a travel addict.

  1. You start most of your lines with “When …”
  2. You always ask your friends to go on those popular travel getaways.
  3. You have seen everything related to travel on platforms like Netflix.
  4. Your spirit animal is Anthony Bourdain.
  5. You are drawn to travel innately.
  6. You have also seen just about every episode of No reservations and also Parts unknown.
  7. You read travel books for fun.
  8. Google Flights is kind of your homepage.
  9. You like wearing flip-flops in the shower.
  10. It is also seen that you take toilet paper everywhere you go out of habit.
  11. You often find yourself using XE currency converter are two of your most-used apps.
  12. You keep a packed suitcase always on the go.
  13. Other than that, you also always keep a playlist on your iPod.
  14. You also tend to speak in airport codes and not in city names.
  15. You also possess more SIM cards than you can count.
  16. You have a tendency to use logos and sayings on their shirts.
  17. On multiple airlines, you also have an elite flyer status.
  18. You like to attend travel conferences and events related to travel multiple times a year.
  19. You have more maps on your walls rather than showcases and different kinds of paintings.
  20. If you don’t go anywhere in a few months then it starts getting to your nerves.
  21. It is very normal for you to get through all the obstacles at the airport.
  22. It is very normal for you to spend a few casual hours each day reading travel blogs and also going through travel websites.
  23. You have subscribed to multiple travel magazines as well.
  24. You cannot complete your travel bucket list as it doesn’t come to an end at all.
  25. You think of prices in terms of traveling around. For example, if you go to a shop and if you happen to like two TV sets then you will compare like this. That’s 5 days in Paris and that’s 8 days in Paris. So let me go with the five days one.
  26. You believe in cash back rather than believing in points.
  27. It is normal to see an immense collection of gifted bags at your house.
  28. You like to think of yourself as a travel expert and also you fantasize about being a travel writer or blogger.
  29. You have a ready-made answer which is “travel” when someone asks you what your hobbies are.
  30. On one hand, some people cry when they have to leave home. On the other hand, you cry when you have to go back home.
  31. You have a tendency to say vagabond when someone asks you about your profession.
  32. You have already filled your passport before the very first year was over for you.
  33. You may even have planned your traveling trips and events for the next decade as well. Yeah, it is quite possible.
  34. You may have a map as a tattoo on your body.
  35. It is possible that you may have years old guidebooks as a sort of badge of honor.
  36. You are so travel addicted that you start thinking about your next trips on a current trip.
  37. It may also happen so that people who haven’t spoken to you about your kindergarten trip may also message you sometimes asking you for advice for their next traveling trip.
  38. Whenever you post on social media it is generally about travel or related to travel.

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