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Chasing Infinity & Beyond: Aspects of Traveling

By on July 14, 2017

It won’t be wrong in saying that traveling has got a poetic sense to it in its utmost sense. For many people traveling is a reason to exist and to live. However naïve it may sound but it is as true as gravity. This statement does hold an impact for those travelers out there who want to explore the world and know the musings and the mysticism of this lively process. The innate desire to chase infinity and reach out to the world is the goal at the end of it.

What traveling as a growth process offers to people is totally on a different plane altogether and can’t be compared to other processes of the likes. And as there are many aspects to everything, there are many aspects to this, somewhat illuminating and somewhat poetically magical process. If I may, because we just talked about poetry then a little something of the likes of a poem becomes imperative here.

Traveling is what it is,

Offering worldly delights

Which is true in its’ own right

It is an expression of freedom and liberation

The making of friends, the unmaking as well

It is a venture of the soul

As the traveller sees and experiences the experiences

because in the end that is the only and true goal.

The Spell-Binding Process

Finding your calling – Yes, in the end it all filters down to this one bloody word: one’s calling. It is one’s calling that helps in finding who we are beneath the flesh and the bones and finding just that has become the purpose of millions on this planet in today’s day and age. And traveling can prove to be an amicable catalyst to discover that so finding exclusive flight deals in that case becomes an option as well.

Escapism – It is one of the most popular methods of getting rid of all the chaos and the anxiety which the world has to offer to the human. Well, if you ask me then the desire for getting more and more is one of the most heavily guarded reasons which leads to all this: To lose all the setbacks and to find that silver lining in all the mess of one’s life.

Adventure – Adventure is something which has been the core of traveling and somewhat makes it to be a phenomenally exciting experience and process.  It is this sense of adventure which springs up while traveling whether it may be on bus or on flights, which, ultimately, is responsible and makes the travellers go in seeking of places which they can explore and discover on their own and find the thrill of doing so running through their spines. It is this sense of adventure travel which helps the people to dive in to the unknown and extract happiness out of it. In that case, you must go and find the top tourist attractions in the world and go on looking for an adventure.

Spontaneity – Traveling helps in growing what people lack the most: spontaneity. One must take the risk of being spontaneous and to go out there, to take the opportunity and to say yes to the opportunities what life has to offer. Traveling, in a way has this adventurous streak which can really open one to the learning’s of life.

Alchemy of Traveling – It can really prove to be one of the most remarkable experiences in terms of growing and learning. When you as a person get to know other people and different aspects about them like their culture and their language, the whole belief system up on which their society has been flourished. These things make an impact on the consciousness of the traveller and help him discover and widen his expanse of knowledge, perspective and understanding. In this case, budget travel is a good option because for traveling on a vast basis to international destinations, it will become necessary.

Traveling as Modern Love

Is it true that we can put traveling in the category of love? The answer to that question is a definite yes. Love as we know stands for depth, soul searching, finding and escaping, the infinite, the universe, the microcosm and the macrocosm at the same time as well. This is the reach of love which is to say that it transgresses all the dimensional boundaries in a way that no other emotion can.

And putting that to traveling, we can say that love is really infinite and can be found in anything possible which exists on the globe; what it requires is the right perspective and certain emotions triggered by one’s consciousness. Love, as we know, is in itself a universe which has got various aspects and a certain and considerable sense of depth like the vast oceans. Love is a very substantial thing in today’s times.  And Traveling is a kind of catalyst which has a great vigour and a sense of invigorating humour which springs up from this eternal and never ending emotion.

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