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Explore the Perfect Travel Getaway For The Adventurer In You

By on February 17, 2018

A trip to Langkawi can really provide you with some really heart-wrenching moments to enjoy and cherish with your loved ones. It is the perfect opportunity for a traveler to discover and re-discover some really iconic travel possibilities.

With mesmerizing islands and vast skies, incredible forests and beautifully looking carved mountains, it is a travel destination beyond imagination and is just the perfect opportunity for the traveler in you to go on some adventures.

So, let’s explore together that what are the various luxury adventure travel destinations which can be explored by you along with your loved ones.

Helicopter Ride

What better experience can be there to go on a helicopter ride and what is more incredible than going on a helicopter ride is the view which you get to see. The wide expanse and the throbbing winds, the flying birds, the radiantly shining sun! All these factors make a beautiful concoction of a travel experience which fundamentally makes your day. However, it to be noted that it is not a cheap pursuit to pursue and the rides start from $160 for three people.

The Tea Factor at St. Regis

After having your incredibly adrenaline rich helicopter ride the best option for you would be to head to St. Regis and relax your senses by drinking elixir like tea with your family and friends. The rooms of this hotel are simply exuberant and offer the tourists with really an exceptional room service. However, it is not a cheap deal as the tea would cost you with $31 and if you are looking for devouring exotic champagne then you would need to pay a little extra but anyhow you can always go and make a visit.

Zipline Adventure

Zipline is one of the best experiences to have at least once in your lifetime. This is the kind of experience which offers you with an enriching adrenaline rush and Langkawi is the place where you ought to do it. We can say that it is really a great way to walk over sky-bridges and explore the enriching rain forests. And if you want to experience this adventurous activity then you must be willing to spend an amount of $45. With this, we can say that it is indeed a perfect travel getaway in Malaysia.

Enjoying Spa

Enjoying spa is really a great activity and lets you relax in a very iconic way possible. And we would suggest that after a long and tiring day of hiking, zip lining and doing other interesting stuff it is a must to have a rejuvenating spa treatment. And for an hour-long massage, you would need to pay an amount of about $72.

ATV Ride in Tuba Island

So, the adventurer in you is still not content? Hmmm… if that is the case then what you need to do is go on an ATV ride. Cruising on the turquoise waters can offer you with the dancing emotions of joy and laughter with your loved ones.  The Tuba Island is actually a really vibrantly radiant place where you can play like kids, surf or just wander on the drastically beautiful beaches the soft sands of which will really inspire you to travel more and more.

Sunset Dinner Cruise

If you want to explore other fine aspects of the island of Langkawi then going on a cruise trip on Sunset Dinner cruise and enjoying a really lazy evening on the deck sipping tea can offer you with a really calm and love inducing feeling. And the ride just starts from $69.

Temurun Waterfall

The Temurun Waterfall s situated on the north-western side of Langkawi in the Data Bay area and is an exceptionally well-crafted destination enough audacious to satisfy the luxury and adventure travel need of you. Swimming, jumping, playing in the crystal clear water of this amazingly unique waterfall can offer you with a certain sense of liberation from the chaos of the hectic world. So, what are you waiting for? Book your cheap flight tickets to Langkawi with our travel specialists right away.

Ride To SkyBridge

If you cannot afford a helicopter ride then the skybridge is definitely a great option. Owing to its immense popularity it is also known as the World’s Most Spectacular Pedestrian Bridge. Standing tall at 125m in height it offers the tourists with really exceptionally mind-blowing views. However, you would need to spend a good amount to physically experience this ride. You can definitely consider going on your adventure travel vacations to Langkawi island.

Wildlife Park

If you love jungles and nature then the wildlife park which is present in Langkawi is just the ideal place to go to and watch some of the most prestigious wildlife species like monkeys, birds, flamingos, rabbits and many other species. The price for tickets to the zoo is about $9.

Morning Walk Tour

For all the nature lovers out there, this is just the right opportunity to explore and discover some really insightful knowledge into your very being by taking on the morning walk tour. In this tour, Irshad Mobarak who is a renowned naturalist will be taking you on a wildlife safari tour offering his subtle insights on the basic to major aspects of wildlife. Overall, we can say that it is indeed a great opportunity to explore something new and learn something different.

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