Luxurious One-Way Flights To Budapest For A Luxury Train Ride

By on December 4, 2017

Europe is a continent with its fair share of history, culture, traditions, architecture and many other things which have in some way or the other (like every other culture) have contributed to make the world a better place. Budapest is one such European city with its mesmerizing beauty and history which offers the tourists to soak in all that there is to be offered by in terms of fun, enjoyment, and knowledge. By booking airline tickets to Budapest and exploring Europe you open the golden gates of personal growth for yourself which only traveling can offer you as a somewhat refreshing process.

However, in today’s times of modern advancement, we have seen that people have somewhat forgotten to make their journeys on land. Everyone seems to be in some kind of hurry and to save their precious time, chooses the most conveniently time-saving method: flying. When we talk about flying, we completely agree that it is definitely a time-saving method, no doubt about that. And with us, you can search and find cheap flight options at special discounted airfares.

And if you want to explore the hidden remnants of this unique city then you just have to buy flight tickets online to Budapest and board the ravishing Golden Eagle Danube Express and begin your adventure. You will be discovering the ancient European Towns, the iconic Romanian sites and the revelry of Venice.

But the point here is to travel on land so as not to lose some brilliant opportunities in terms of seeing some of the most magical sites. Let’s discuss.

The Journey

This breath-taking train ride which we are talking about here starts in Budapest but before that the travelers can enjoy the simply iconic views of some of the most stunning sites like the Danube River, the stunning Buda Castle, and other majestic buildings as well.

After you have done all the exploring then comes the part of boarding the Golden Eagle Danube Express in which you will be finding comfortably spacious cabins, bathrooms and much more. You will be having access to 24-hour personal service and other amenities like bar lounge, dining car etc. Along with all this, there would also be a chef to see that you eat what you desire; preparing for you the most exotic dishes throughout this 12-day long journey.

So, from Budapest, the train will commence its journey to Hungarian towns like Lajosmizse and Kecskemét. After that in Romania, the train will stop in Sighisoara giving the tourists a chance to have the much-awaited tour of the birthplace of Dracula. At least, that is what legends tell us!

And coming to the 5th and the 6th day, you will be forging ahead through Bulgaria stopping by in between the towns of Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia. We completely agree that this luxurious train journey may not be able to give you the feeling of boarding and traveling on any first class flight but it definitely not of any low stature as well.

After Bulgaria, the tourists get to explore the medieval tombs, the fortresses and the Turkish baths of Belgrade integrating some knowledgeable insights into the history of Balkan war.

After that, you will head towards Croatia and explore the treasures of Ljubljana. And the last two days would be spent through the celebrated Italian cities of Trieste and Venice. And when you would have entered the enriching and beautiful floating city of Venice, all the guests would be taken to a five-star hotel near Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Square and the Bridge of Sighs.

And since the travelers are on a one-way ride, they can individually choose to stay back if that is what their hearts desire.  And, we are always there to get you the cheapest one-way and round-trip flights so as you have the opportunity to spend any given amount of time in place of the world. Call+1 (844) 707-6838 and book right away!