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Social Media & Business

By on August 21, 2017

Contrasting Aspects

In today’s world, as we can see that technology is rising at a very rapid pace and has certainly taken hold of everyone and everything in the society in a fairly strong manner. And, as we can see around ourselves, and for that we don’t need any kind of surveys or any kind of statistics, that how social media has been an immense thing in today’s times. Our gut and common sense is enough to see and observe that how addictive the social media has been, it is and it will be further more in the future which is quite evident.

Talking about technology, social media is a strong aspect for it and has taken over the world by storm. Now, basically everyone from a mere labour to a CEO of the biggest companies on the planet are well connected through social media with each other and the world on their respective accounts, that’s how the world has become in today’s day and age: a compact village where one can reach out to anyone at any given point of time in a swift manner with a flick of some buttons; that is the power which social media has bestowed upon humanity.

And for what purpose: to do business somehow or the other, in one way or the other. To name a few of them are Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn and there are many more, the list doesn’t simply end.

A Little Understanding Of The Most Popular Social Media Platforms

We can understand that it has been one of the most prolific phenomenon’s which is there to create, has created a wave of revolution in the society. Let’s talk about some of the social media sites just to understand the glimpse of it:

  • Facebook – Facebook is one of the leading and perhaps the most successful social media website which is responsible for connecting people all over the world in a very unique way. We will be focusing on that how Facebook is responsible for making and creating business opportunities. Using Facebook one can really create and reach out to a much larger audience which in turn can really boost up ones sales. Every second business has got its Facebook page using which they try and build the necessary online presence for their brand.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a phenomenon the likes of which are not many. LinkedIn is a platform which offers the people to create their own business page and share the key insights, their thoughts and updates regarding their business which is very useful for attracting potential clients and investors.
  • Twitter – Twitter which has proven to a giant conglomerate of content and has been responsible for connecting people with each other like no other social platform. It is a fairly good opportunity to garner likes and re-tweets. We can see that almost every single man is connected on this platform.

Some Other Brutally Significant Aspects

  • Brand Awareness – Social media is a very unique platform which has been there and is there and the reason it’s being there is the credibility which it has proven to create a certain sense of awareness for the businesses. Social media, in today’s day and age has come out not as a choice but as a mandatory aspect of every business.
  • Customer Insight/knowledge – Social media is also an excellent source of distributing knowledge and offering a certain sense of customer satisfaction displaying their key areas of work and hence gaining the potential investors and clients trust.
  • Website Traffic – If we talk in terms of Google SEO then, we can say that the content which is generated and uploaded through social media is a very useful for garnering the much imperative traffic on one’s website which in turn becomes responsible for generating revenue for the particular business through further options like sales strategies, marketing strategies and much more. The company, however small or big or small it may be functions in a very organized manner where everyone’s part is equally imperative and without which the company cannot really exist as a profit generating organism.

These were some of the key points which can be said to be the reverberations of the social media upon today’s businesses, particularly the online ones. And it is no doubt that social media has got an immense capacity to create a very unique possibility of harnessing profits for businesses, engaging the customers and ultimately reaching the bigger audience.