The Book Lover’s Guide to Big Apple

By on August 22, 2017

To the book lover’s it is highly imperative to finish any book which they have started, extracting all the knowledge out of it. All the heaps of the novels, all the non-fiction books amount to nothing for any book lover. Any given amount is less because the greed of any book monger doesn’t get satiated that easily.

So, today we will be talking about the city of Big apple and the famous spots where you can read your favorite book in peace. The name big apple was first concluded by a famous sports writer and it was in the decade of 1970s that it really got famous and picked up its heat.

The city of New York is for the people who are lovers of art, culture, and cuisine and above all, life and its various aspects. Some of the popular places are:

10) The Strand

The strand is a place where you can find a lot of used as well as new books. It has been there since 1927 and is much famous for its unique collection of books.

9) The New York Public Library

The New York Public Library is one of the must-see tourist spots where you can experience the grandeur which a place full books can offer to its readers. It is no small thing to see such a huge amount of books and the magic they have to offer to the readers taking them into their stories and offering them true wisdom. Book your flights to United States to captivate yourself in the mesmerizing world of stories and fiction.

8) The Library Hotel

The library hotel which is situated in New York is famous for its unique presentation and feel. The hotel has got its own writer’s den and poetic garden where the book lovers can come and read and discover together the joy of reading and discovering new perspective about life.

7) Pierpont Morgan

Pierpont Morgan museum which was once the personal library of the Pieront Morgan has now been converted into a museum which houses a great number of books which dates back to as early as the 1890s the books are really old and therefore garner an importance of being a masterpiece. If you are looking for some high-dose of culture then make your airlines reservations to New York with

6) The Roundtable Room Of Algonquin Hotel

This is a much famous place known where the most famous Dorothy Parker used to have her lunches and other literati as well of the decades of the 1920s and 1930s. It is also famous as this is the place where F.Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway founded The New Yorker.

5) The Literary Walk-central Park

The literary walk at central park is famous for the statues of the exceptionally blessed writers who carry a thrust of greatness upon them like William Shakespeare, Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Fitz Greene Halleck. It is one of those places which is not just good for reading but is also surrounded by lush greenery and gardens which make it all the more interesting to sit there and read the book of your choice letting yourself obliviate in the world of stories.

4) 192 Books

192 books is a place where one can find all sorts of books ranging from the contemporary works and old works as well which are quite famous. Moreover, it also does exhibitions relating to a particular theme or topic which makes it a delight to explore this place.

3) Columbia University

Columbia University is a place which is responsible for giving us thinkers, writers, poets and visionaries like Kerouac, Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, Hal Chase. So, if you ever visit Columbia University then it becomes imperative to enjoy the scenic view of its architecture and grandeur. Maybe you can grab a cup of café from a nearby shop and enjoy and let yourself immerse in the world of wisdom and intellectuality.

2) Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is a place where you can go and enjoy the sun, read a good book, breathe in the fresh air of the place. Washington Square Park is a place for cultural activity and is a must visit for the people who like Mark Twain, Allen Ginsberg.

1) White Horse Tavern

White Horse Tavern is a place which is famous for its charm and for the fact that it was frequented by people like Dylan Thomas, James Baldwin, Jack Kerouac and what is interesting about Jack Kerouac is the fact that he was kicked out on several occasions. It is also known as the high temple of an alcoholic artist.

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