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The Top 6 Harvest Festivals Around The World

By on September 6, 2017

It is the autumn season which has been regarded as one of the most unique seasons, a season of natural marvels like the leaves changing their colors, the soothing drop in temperature and much more. And in amidst all of this there is the harvest season which is the time of the year to reap one’s hard labor in the form of fresh and exotic fruits.

All across the globe and spanning all the seven continents various harvest festivals are celebrated which are full of enriching cultural ceremonies. So, today we will be discussing about these festivals.

1) New Yam Festival of The Igbo, West Africa

This festival is known to be celebrated at the end of the rainy season and is vastly celebrated throughout West Africa.  In Ghana and mainly Nigeria this festival is celebrated with great zeal among people. People express their love and celebrate festivities through dancing, singing songs and drumming. The Africans who celebrate this festival make a special dish known as fufu for this festival. Make your airline reservations to Africa if you want to dive into their unique culture.

2) Onam, India

The ten-day harvest festival is aimed to commemorate king Mahabali under whose reign the state of Kerala witnessed its golden era. The zeal of this great festival is celebrated all over India but mostly in the southern parts. The celebrations for this festival kick off with grand procession called athachamayam where beautifully decorated elephants and specifically flower arrangements are there. Folk music, boat races, traditional dances are the soul of this festival.

3) Lammas, London

If you love bread then Lammas is the festival for you. This festival marks the beginning of the wheat harvest season celebrating the first fruits of the year. Book your air tickets to London now to celebrate this unique harvest festival.

4) Mid-Autumn Festival, China

In China, this festival marks the time of the year to fully gear up and celebrate the fall harvest with their loving families. The most indispensable part of the festivities are the amazing lanterns and how they beautifully line the night sky making the scene really ethereal.

5) Itelman Tribal Harvest Festival, Russia

In the frigid regions of northern Russia, the Russians return to their homelands to take part in this exceptional harvest festival.  They make a 43-mile hike to Mt Elvel to leave a wooden carving at the top of the mountain as it is an essential ritual of the festival. So, book your flight tickets to Russia for being a part of this exceptional festival.

6) La Festa Dell’uva Italy

This traditional festival happens on the last Sunday of the September and celebrates the culinary health of Italy especially the grape. Of course, there is no end to the fun and dancing the highlight of the festival is the parade between the districts.

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