Top 10 Awesome Places To Visit In Dubai Mall

By on September 19, 2017

If you are a shopaholic and want to experience shopping not just as an activity but as something much more, let’s say close to an art then, The Dubai Mall is just the right place where you will be finding some of the most famous brands which have made an impact not just on the domestic market but have successfully captured the international market as well ranging from Versace, Armani to Zara.

Here you will be finding more than 1200 retail outlets which deal in completely top-notch products of their particular category. And other than that there are many things which you can do in this unique place. Get the cheap airline tickets to Dubai and fly in extra comfort. You can book your flights with many major airlines like Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines and lots more.

1) Playing Broom Ball

Basically, everyone knows that the Dubai Mall’s Olympic size ring for its hilariously chaotic and buzzing atmosphere. During the day, the skaters show off their skills but what actually people don’t know is the fact that when the mall shuts down; one can simply play a fun game of broomball on the ice.

2) Print 3D candy

If you have not ever witnessed the world’s 3D gummy printers then here is a chance for you to do so. This exceptional printer can print up to 20 different designs which are inclusive of Dubai skyline. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the flights to Dubai at lowest airfares.

3) The Shark Attack

The aquarium in the Dubai mall is really one of the humongous giant fish tanks around the world. To jump into the tank with sharks and other sea creatures you would be requiring a PADI license. Make your cheap airlines reservations with our travel specialists to get the best flight ticket prices.

4) The Skate Park

On the 2nd level of this giant mall, there is also a skate bowl where you can have a real good time skating throughout the day and the experience is simply wonderful and majestic.

5) Airbus A380

Have you ever flown in an airplane and that too of such a giant stature? The A380 experience leaves you with an iconic memory of being in the cockpit of the largest plane for a precise 30-minute flight to any of the 12 worldwide destinations.

 6) F1 Car

At level 1 you will be finding a Ferrari store where you will be finding a purpose built F1 simulator sent straight from Maranello which uses the same software as the original cars.

7) Cinematic Experience

Experiencing cinema like never before is really an amazingly ethereal thing. Tap into the platinum cinema suites with those recliner seats and gourmet treats.  Then what you have to do is just kick back and enjoy the show.

8) The Children

This one for the children, the edutainment park let’s young minds think provocatively. Whether you want to try your hand at working Mac D’s to saving lives being a doctor. Everything is really amazing.

9) Football Factor

Goal is the name of the pitch where you can play a football game. It is suitable for the children who are somewhere between 10-15 years of age. And what’s good is the fact that this scheme means that kids can have all the fun time while their guardians do all the necessary shopping and later can pick their children up from the place.

10) King Croc

In Dubai underwater zoo you can experience the croc. And if in any case, that’s not enough then it becomes your mission to tree-top walkaway suspended above the tank.

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    Good place for summer holidays, very friendly people, good food, sunny weather.