Top 10 Exotic Beach Destinations

By on April 26, 2018

When it comes to go someplace exotic and someplace where you can chill out with your friends and family then what better than an exotic beach getaway? There is definitely something about sun, sea and the white grainy sand which attracts people and makes them travel more and more getting away from the chaos of the everyday life.

So, talking about beach getaways let us explore what are some of the most popular beach destinations across the globe.

10. Kamalame Cay, The Bahamas

If you want to experience the crystal clear sparkling waters of the Bahamas then Kamalame Cay is the kind of place which is an absolute visit.

Stay: When it comes to staying then the Kamalame Cay Resort is the kind of place which you ought to consider for a comfortable staying experience. The best way to make your moments joyful is by grabbing a cocktail and taking a stroll across the beach.

Cuisine: The best way to start your day here would be by ordering breakfast made with freshly made Bahamian bread. And eating your gourmet cuisine surrounded by the majestic natural environment would be once in a lifetime experience.

Activities: To know this place in a unique manner, the best way would be to discover the beauty of underwater life with a scuba expedition at the island’s PADI rated dive center. And the best thing here is that here at this place all levels of certifications are also provided for all the people who are non-divers.

9. Rosalie Bay, Dominica

The Rosalie Bay is a place where you can find peace in the rugged and undeveloped Dominica. If you want to explore the beauty of nature then this is the place which you must go to on an absolute basis.

Stay: It has got 28 guest rooms furnished with every kind of facility which you can desire. And the best thing about this place is that from the windows you can enjoy some of the most majestic views of oceans, rivers, and gardens.

Cuisine:  If you are looking for places to eat, then the Zamaan restaurant offers some of the freshest ingredients which are outstandingly delicious to taste. And the best setting would be to enjoy your dinner under the vast star-lit sky.

Activities: When it comes to activities then one of the best and the most popular activities of which you can be a part of are hiking. So, it would be better if you also take your hiking shoes with yourself for an unforgettable hike trip. And not just that it is also quite an affordable beach destination in monetary terms as well.

8. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Located nearby Cancun, this city is breathtakingly beautiful. The stunning beaches of this place are downright amazing to explore and discover.

Stay: The Banyan Tree Mayakoba is the kind of resort which is exceptionally beautiful and also ensures privacy. The spacious villas of this place will give you vacation goals.

Cuisine: When it comes to cuisine then, one of the best places to eat would be on the resort’s Ixchel Dining Boat.

Activities: When it comes to day trip then some of the best options would be to explore the historic archaeological sites which are situated outside the city borders. Here you would be getting various opportunities to explore preserved pyramids, ancient temples and so much more. Book a flight with Aeromexico airlines at the lowest airfares and fly to this extremely beautiful beach getaway.

7. Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

The Peter Island is one of the largest private islands which is situated in the Caribbean. It features some of the most exotic collection of five secluded beaches.

Stay: When it comes to staying then the islands only attraction would be the luxurious villas and suites. It is a kind of spa which is quite attentive.

Cuisine: When it comes to the cuisine experience then indulging in the Caribbean food will offer you with some really exceptional moments with your loved ones. And what is quite a thing to know is the fact that you will get to choose from 300 variety of dishes.

Activities: When it comes to activities then you can sign up for the sunset loop which is a very exciting ride up the roads and what is furthermore interesting to know is the fact that this is also one of the highest points on the islands.

6. Curaçao, The Caribbean

This island here is known for its exotic and gorgeous coral reefs which are located in the southern Caribbean sea, off the Venezuelan coast.

Stay: If you are looking for staying opportunity then Hotel Kura Hulanda Spa is one of the best options for the travelers.

Cuisine: If you are looking for cuisine opportunity then the open-air old market is the place where you can expect to eat some of the most delicious meals.

Activities: If you like to go on little adventures then the best opportunities would be to explore the historic downtown where boutiques line the streets selling duty-free diamonds. With this it won’t be wrong in saying that it is one of the popular beach destinations across the globe.

5. Costa Alegre, Mexico

Costa Alegre is situated just below Puerto Vallarta. And in terms of seeing and watching beautiful vistas, this is the kind of place where you would want to be.

Stay: The best place to stay here would be El Tamarindo where you will have long stretches of prolific sand beaches. It would prove to be quite a great place to stay.

Cuisine: El Marino is situated nearby Manzanillo for incredible seafood with absolutely stunning beaches.

Activities: One of the best suggestions to be a part of here would be to take part in the ancient purifying treatment which involves a mud bath along with a sweat lodge on the beach.

4. Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands

The Sandy Cay is a nature preserve which is situated in the British Virgin Islands is quite great for snorkeling and swimming.

Stay: Sebastian’s seaside villas are located at a 4 miles distance from this particular island. And the beachfront accommodations have balconies and terraces as well.

Cuisine: When it comes to cuisine experience then one of the best options would be Ivan’s Stress-Free Bar which is situated nearby Jost Van Dyke Island.

Activities: If you want to explore the British Virgin Islands then the best option would be to go to the white sand beach which is also home to the endangered leatherback turtles.

3. West Snake Caye, Port of Honduras

From the town of Punta Gorda, the four small snake cayes is located about 17 miles in the 160-mile port of Honduras Marine Reserve which boasts of lush mangrove trees which are downright amazing to experience.

Stay: For staying the best option would be hotel Punta Gorda which is equipped with amazing facilities like lush bathrobes and harbor views.

Cuisine: If you are open in trying some really delicious cuisine then the best eat out option would be Emery’s which is located in Punta Gorda. Here you will be finding some of the most prominent dishes which range from stew chicken to whole fried snapper.

Activities: If you ever visit Honduras then a trek through the towering mangroves would be quite an adventurous experience.

2. Gold Coast, Barbados

Talking about the Gold Coast, it is one of the most popular celebrity getaways which is located off the west coast of Barbados.

Stay: When it comes to staying then the best option would be to stay in lavish resorts which will make you feel right at home.

Cuisine: When it comes to cuisine options then, simply head to the resort’s casual Bajan Blue restaurant if you want to taste the mix of European, Asian and Caribbean influenced food.

Activities: The absolutely stunning views of this place are a reason in itself to visit it and enjoy all kinds of activities which this place has to offer.

1. Shoal Bay East, Anguilla

The white sand, the amazingly crystal clear waters and the shimmering effect of this place make it worth visiting at least once.

Stay: If you are looking for staying options then the shoal bay villas are the perfect spot for the travelers to stay.

Cuisine: In terms of cuisine Gwen’s Reggae Bar would also be quite a great option to eat with your family and friends.

Activities: The white beaches, the crowds and the overall aura of this place make it all the more interesting to visit and indulge in fun activities.

If you also like to have some fine moments of joy and pleasure then these beach destinations will simply blow your mind. And to get the best-discounted airfares call +1 (844) 707-6838.