Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

By on August 22, 2017

A wedding is something which can be called a very significant event in the life of any couple. It represents a new beginning from ground zero in a certain aspect for the couple as they get to know each other in many subtle ways. It has been rightly said that marriage is a constitution in itself and presents many opportunities in front of the couple to learn from each other and grow together amidst the hardships of life.

And today, in this blog we will be focusing on some of the best honeymoon destinations for the couples who are newly married.

10) Myanmar

Myanmar is known for its exotic beauty and culture. Here, you can explore some of the most exotic temples, take a hot air balloon ride with your better half and do much more. Myanmar is definitely a place worth going to after wedding if you want to touch destinations and discover places which are untouched by the evident process of globalization.

9) Panama

If you want the perfect combination of those sensational mountain visits, exploring the fantastic city, exceptionally amazing beaches, enthralling nightlife and beautiful islands then visiting the city of Panama becomes an absolute must.

8) Morocco

Roam the streets with your soul mate and discovering Morocco can really be a fun and amazing experience. The culture and heritage of the city are really mesmerizing and breath-taking. It is really quite an adventure to explore the maze of markets which are plush with vendors and an air of spices in the air. What is more enticing is the fact that you will feel like you have come to another part of the same world and wouldn’t really believe that a culture like this also simultaneously exists with belly dancing and snake charmers as a significant aspect of its culture. Book your flights to Morocco and explore this great city of wisdom.

7) Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

If you love snow and winters and would love to create a snowman with your honey, also enjoying a wide variety of winter sports. Activities like snowshoeing, ice skating and skiing would really make your honeymoon a fun aspect to be.

6) Walt Disney World

Perhaps there is no better place than Walt Disney Resorts to create some of the most cherishing moments of your honeymoon. The newly-weds get to choose from a variety of honeymoon packages to make their time spent together a time worth remembering and respecting throughout their lives.  There is romantic escape package, deluxe escape package, and honeymoon package. So, if you are planning your honeymoon then book flight tickets to the most exotic honeymoon destinations, well, then you must.

5) Dubai

What is wrong in tasting the best for both the worlds? With some of the best scenic views, Dubai proves to be a hilariously famous honeymoon destination for couples. Taking an amazing selfie with your better half in front of the popular Burj-Al-Arab is a trend which is currently going on and is much famous. So, whenever you want to visit this amazing country, then, booking airlines tickets is simply seamless with us.

4) Maldives

If you want to experience the breath-taking view of the ocean meets the sky and feel the crystal clear water beneath your feet and the vast sky above your head along with some of the most secluded yet beautiful spots then, Maldives is the right destination for you enjoy your honeymoon with your partner. Owing to all this, Maldives becomes one of the most amicable honeymoon destinations.

3) Turkey

Turkey is yet another majestic honeymoon place where you can enjoy some of the most precious moments with your partner. Roam around the market, enjoy those little laughs on each other’s jokes simultaneously experiencing the grandeur of this place which springs up from its rich culture and heritage. So, what are you waiting for? Book air tickets to Turkey to spend your honeymoon vacations in a rather cool way.

2) Galapagos Islands

Experience the mesmerizing view of Galapagos Islands, Eucador. The Sun reflecting on your skin, the wind playing and ruffling with your hair, feeling the damp sand on the beach beneath your feet and breathing in nature with someone you love and someone you can truly depend upon for the rest of your life is an amazing feeling. What is even more interesting is the fact that here you will together discover some of the rarest and beautiful species of animals. It is truly an unparalleled experience in every aspect.

1) Iceland

Iceland is mainly uninhabited, which is the reason that makes it completely a unique and gorgeous place to be in with someone you can trust, someone you love and admire and respect. It truly feels like heaven to reach out and know that someone would be there to care for you.

Spending your honeymoon with your better-half can really be romantic. So, we at Explorer Whiz celebrate the love of being loved by offering flight tickets at really great discounts. Call at the toll-free number +1 (844) 707-6838 and book your flights to these exotic honeymoon places.

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    March 9, 2018

    Great post. Those are the best honeymoon destinations for the couples who are newly married. I really want to go Iceland for my honeymoon too.