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Top 10 Sushi Restaurants In Seattle

By on August 17, 2018

Sushi is one of the most known dishes around the world and it is the fascinating taste of which has garnered it so much popularity.

And it also has an extensive scope of history in which many great chefs settled there and established a great range of restaurants offering specialty dishes like geoduck, sockeye salmon, Alaskan spot prawns, and B.C. herring and many other dishes which are worth trying and falling for.

1. Sushi Kappo Tamura

Sushi Kappo Tamura is a place where you won’t be finding a place to sit easily owing to the crowd which this place encounters. It is a place where you will be finding a very wide scope of some great and deliciously enchanting dishes. So, if you want to gather with your friends then this is the perfect place for you to go to. No doubt, it is one of the most famous sushi restaurants in Seattle to hangout with friends.

2. Mashiko

Mashiko is one of the places to go to and taste some really magnificent fish. It is a high-end sort of place where you will be finding some really enticing food products. With this, we can say that it makes Mashiko a great choice when it comes to spending some really great time with your friends.

3. Maneki

Maneki is the right kind of place if you want a wide range of some amazing dishes. It will amaze you to the extent that you won’t mind visiting this place again and again. If you visit Seattle then you should definitely visit this place at least once.

4. Tsukushinbo

It is a great place for office going people owing to its amazing aura and fascinating ambience. It is a nice place to go and have a chat up session with your known ones.

You won’t be regretting visiting this place if you ever go to Seattle.

5. Momiji

The Japanese restaurant is simply unique owing to the garden which is outside it. It is a great place where you can sit and relax. However, as the restaurant fills up it becomes noisy which somewhat adds to its charm.

6. Wataru

Wataru is a humble and simple restaurant. And the food here is absolutely lip-smacking owing to which it attracts a lot of crowd and attention of people. It is a fun place to go and chill out. It is one of the best sushi restaurants in Seattle.

7. Issian

Issian is one of the most interesting places to go and hang out alone or with friends and colleagues. If you ever visit Seattle then this is quite a good place where you must give a visit. You won’t regret it.

8. Suika Seattle

Suika Seattle is out and out an amazing restaurant which is known for its amazing food. It is known for offering its customers pressed sushi. It also offers sashimi platters and tons of other savory izakaya fare that is meant for soaking up booze.

9. Ten Sushi

Ten Sushi offers Kaiten Sushi which is simply delicious and is worth eating again and again. Here you get to sit at your seats and choose the dish from the conveyor belt as per your liking.

10. Sushi Kashiba

It can be said that Sushi Kashiba is like the grandfather of sushi. The quality of sushi which you get here is simply outstanding. So, visiting this place gets really amazing and an unforgettable experience.

So, if you are planning to eat some good sushi then these restaurants are a great option for exploring and savoring the fascinating taste of Sushi. For booking your flight tickets to Seattle simply call our travel executives at the toll-free number +1 (844) 707-6838.