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Top 15 Kid Friendly Hotels & Resorts

By on June 4, 2018

What if you could go with your kids where there would be a plethora of this is opportunities for them to enjoy. Would not that be amazing? We bet you would agree. After all what better place than where you could travel along with your kids keeping enjoyment and relaxation at the top priority.

So, let’s discover some of the most amazing places where you could think about going with your kids.

1. Chewton Glen

When it comes to luxury then Chewton Glen is the just the right combination of a kind of place where your kids can enjoy to their fullest.

Basically, it is a five-star hotel situated on the edge of New Forest. And the best part about staying in this place is the fact that you get to enjoy and even sleep in the tree house suites. These suites are located well above 35 feet from the ground which makes them a kind of exciting place to stay in.

And what is quite interesting to know about this place is the fact that 12 people can be accommodated in a single time in these houses.  No, doubt it is one of the most popular kid-friendly tourist spots to visit.

2.San Augustin Convent

This convent is a kind of combination of five-star museum and a hotel at the same time in itself. You can say that it is also a historically enriching place owing to its being established in the 16th century.

And what will simply blow your mind is the fact that this is located at quite a close distance from Machu Picchu. There were also some rumors that a real mummy was found in these ruins.

3.Soneva Jani

What if we tell you for a fact that when you will open your eyes after a good night sleep then you could directly slide from your villa into the oceans. Yes, that is what Soneva Jani offers to its tourists.

This place has been specifically made keeping in mind the need for families and especially kids. It won’t be wrong in saying that this place is a resort which is floating on the sea and is absolutely a must visit for families.

Here the kids will simply love to eat around the ice cream parlors and wander around.

4.La Pitchoune

If you want to stay at a kind of place which could offer you with a kind of amazing aura then La Pitchoune is the kind of place which you must visit with your kids.

This particular hotel is situated at an approximate distance of 35 minutes from Nice. And why it is a great travel getaway for families the reason of which is its lush flower gardens, herb gardens and fruit trees, saltwater pools and so many other things which the kids will simply love and adore. It is one of the best kid-friendly hotels in France.

5.Crowne Plaza

It is located in downtown Indianapolis. And an interesting fact to know about this place is that this hotel was built at a place which was once upon a time world’s first ever Union Station. And it is the same place where Thomas Edison once worked as well.

Normally, here the guests who are staying here can opt for an overnight up to 26 original Pullman train cars. Overall, we can say that it is quite an interesting place to make your holiday trip with your kids.

6.Pulitzer Amsterdam

If you are planning a vacation with your kids then this is the kind of place which will prove to be quite incredible for you people.

Why? Because here you will be discovering absolutely amazing canal houses! Here, our kids will simply love to aimlessly run and play with their mates in their own imaginative adventures.

The rooms here are assuring and child-friendly throwing in the touch of absolutely genuine Dutch beauty and contemporary modern designs. And what’s more is the fact that hotel’s overall design is quite impressive.

7.Fieldhouse Jones

Located in Chicago this is the kind of place which is simply mind-blowing to visit, especially with your kids. This is inspired by the many field houses which are located in Chicago’s diverse neighborhood.

In all of them, you get an opportunity to come together as a society and also you get to play a variety of games like foosball, air hockey, ping pong and many others.

Thus, for the kids, it is quite an interesting opportunity to experience interactive scavenger hunt which offers them with an opportunity to explore the hotel and all its artistic and majestic glances.

Overall, it is the kind of hotel which is simply mind-blowing and an absolute visit and is a good choice for best family-friendly hotels.

8.Vintages Trailer Resort

Situated in Dayton, Oregon, this hotel offers you with a certain kind of aura and a unique charm. It has 31 refurbished trailers which allow you to relax in quite ease after a long and tiring day of traveling. Here, you will be finding some of the best value for money hotels which are quite good for your stay.

9.The Liberty Hotel

The liberty hotel is situated on the foot of the Beacon Hill. It is the kind of place which is quite imaginative and perhaps that is the precise reason that it is quite a good tourist spot for kids. It was built in the year of 1851 and served as a working jail until the year of 1990.

10.The Inn at Christmas Place

The Inn at Christmas Place is quite a magnanimous hotel to visit. This specific hotel is actually quite famous owing to many reasons such as its majestic aura, its infrastructure, its facilities and so much more. And it is the concoction of all this which makes it quite an amazing travel spot.

11.Tiny House Village

The Tiny House Village is situated at Leavenworth RV Resort in Leavenworth and is quite enriching when it comes to their Bavarian theme and décor.

And what is more is the fact that here kids will simply love exploring the 300 acres of forests and meadows and kayaking.

12. Patagonia

This is the kind of hotel which supports a good 57-rooms particularly built out of a former processing plant in Chilean Patagonia. Your kids will simply love to stay in a hotel where the very history of this place took place.

13. Big Cypress Lodge

This hotel has been specifically inspired by wilderness and holds a great 103 rustic-elegant guest rooms and suites which resemble the vintage cabins. Here, you will also get to see a fantastical Cypress Swamp kind of environment which is simply mesmerizing.

14. Gamirasu Hotel

Established in the year of 1999 this hotel consists of 35 cave rooms. Doesn’t it sound interesting? It is located near Urgup, this hotel was also used for religious purposes sometime before.

15. The Inn At Diamond Cove

The Inn at Diamond Cove which is situated in Portland is definitely an undiscovered gem of a place. You would be surprised to know that previously this hotel was used as an army barrack of soldiers.

No doubt, this place will definitely flare up the imagination of your child and will prove to be a somewhat eye-opener in terms of gaining interesting knowledge.

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