Why There Is Nothing As A “Must See” Travel Destination?

By on July 26, 2018

Let’s start this with an interesting story!

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Billy and he loved traveling.

So much so that he had traveled about 50 countries and wanted to travel and explore the whole world.

One fine day, his friend Rogers asked him if he had enjoyed every destination he had visited till now.

And what Billy replied somewhat shocked Rogers.

He said, No, I didn’t like Vietnam and Paris as well.’

‘How can it be possible?’ These two are some of the most popular countries to travel said Rogers.

‘I don’t know buddy but I just didn’t connect with the place.’ replied Billy.

So, the moral of this anecdote is that you won’t like every destination which you visit and there is absolutely no harm in admitting that, no matter how famous the particular destination, city or country is! If you didn’t like it then you didn’t like it. It is as simple as that.

And it can be depending on various aspects.

Maybe you didn’t like the culture of that place, maybe it was the people or maybe it was the food or architecture.


And in this case, Billy didn’t like Paris and Vietnam for different reasons.

Firstly when he went to Paris he was on a business trip and we don’t think that Paris is the kind of travel destination where you should be going more often on a business trip.

Rather it is completely opposite of that. If you want to visit Paris then we would advise you to visit with your better-half or someone with whom you are romantically interested. We bet you would agree to this. So why wait when you can get huge discounts on flight tickets to Paris.


Billy didn’t like Vietnam either but why?

First of all, he went there with his friends and didn’t like it. You can guess why?

Because no matter how good the vibe Vietnam has in terms of travel culture and traveling but it just doesn’t have the kind of charm and energy which Paris has and what it offers to people who go there.

And what is peculiar to know about this scenario is the fact that maybe if he would have switched the destinations then he may have liked both Paris and Vietnam that is to say maybe he would have liked Paris if he would have gone there with friends or his wife.

And just maybe he would have found Vietnam not so bad if he would have gone to Vietnam for a business trip either.

So, amid all this, comes the question of perspective and the motive and goal with which you are visiting a particular travel destination whether it may be a country, city or any other place.

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