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World’s 8 Most Unusual Hotels

By on February 6, 2018

When it comes to accommodation everybody wants the best according to their budget and their needs. And, after a long and tiring ride who wouldn’t want one. Definitely, a hotel or a resort which can offer the traveler with all kinds of basic as well as luxury amenities at cheap prices is a sort of dream come true. But, however there are many people who we can say are sort of intense travellers with a raging fire of traveling around the world grasping all the necessary elements and the eclectic nature of cultures within them want something more and if you ask us what better than an innovative and a creative hotel accommodation which could satiate all your needs? So, let’s examine and top 8 most unusual hotels around the world where you must definitely visit.

1) Sas Attrap’reves, France

What could be better if you as a human being could live in nature and enjoy the peculiarities of it at the same time! Sas Attrap’reves which is located in France offers you with exactly that kind of opportunity. And not just here but this hotel chain has extended its modus operandi to other different locations as well like Allauch, La Boulladisse, Montagnac and owing to the creative and natural quotient at the guest’s disposal they have become immensely popular. The fiber out of which these pods are made is recyclable and simultaneously can protect you from pests letting you enjoy the night sky.

2) Sun Cruise Resort, Donghae, South Korea

The Sun Cruise Resort which is situated in South-Korea is really a dream come true for the people who abhor sea yet somewhere in their heart’s desire to get on a cruise. With an exact infrastructure of a cruise, Sun Cruise Resort is quite an opportunity for the travelers to explore and discover the magnanimity of living on a cruise ship adoring the immense sea and the vast sky in front of the traveler.

3) Inntel Hotel Zaandam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Inntel Hotel Zaandam which is situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands is quite a spectacular hotel offering a somewhat uncanny infrastructure. It feels as if many houses have been neatly picked and piled up and adjoined with each other giving it a tremendous look. And it is quite interesting to know that it also supports Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, tropical rain shower, and even a gym.

4) Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

The Treehotel is located on Harads, Sweden and is quite an exceptional destination for people who want to experience something unique and yet something which could offer the tourists with an exceptional opportunity to relish the overall traveling experience. With about six eco-friendly rooms with majestic décor, it is one of the incredible travel destinations to visit.

5) Faralda Crane Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Faralda Crane Hotel is located in Amsterdam and it is actually quite interesting to know that once upon a time it was actually a crane. Here there are about three luxury hotel suites all of which are located in the crane’s old machine room. And the best part which we feel is that the guest can even rest in a gigantic crane dangling 50 meters mid-air which is somewhat fantastic. Owing to all these qualities it is one of the coolest hotels in the world.

6) The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

Now, this is something which is quite unique and it really is somewhat creative as it is a 30-foot beagle transformed into a hotel however small in size as it can only accommodate about only 2 people at a time. And the décor inside it is really mesmerizing and the theme on which it is based is canine-inspired.

7) Montana Magica Lodge, Panguipulli, Chile

The Montana Magica Lodge which is located in Chile is actually a huge monolith made of stone. What is really exciting to know about this place is the fact that it has got permanent waterfalls and the exterior of this is covered in grass and moss. And with just the right and exceptionally comfortable rooms, a spa and even a wellness center it is one of the world’s topmost unusual hotels worth visiting.

8) 9 Hours Capsule Hotel, Kyoto, Japan

If you are a claustrophobic then you must definitely not visit this place. The Kyoto’s 9 hours capsule is the kind of hotel which supports space-ship like décor. For men, there are separate floors and for women as well. It also has toilets, showers, its own room wears and slippers.

If you ever plan on getting around and traveling to the listed must-visit travel destinations it is highly advisable that you do stay in these amazing hotels. Simply dial +1 (844) 707-6838to book cheap flights!