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World’s Biggest Food Fight In Spain

By on August 31, 2018
Who doesn’t love a good festival?

The fact that people get to relax, have some fun and do exciting stuff during festivals makes them all the more interesting and awaited phenomenon.

And a giant and massive food fight become quite an ultimate to let loose your cravings and desires of participating in something interesting and something which is very peculiar.

Yes, we are talking about one of the most famous food festivals around the globe which is La Tomatina.


Started in the year 1945 this amazing festival now has grown of a giant stature and has been transformed of nothing short than a huge scale cultural event.

Now, owing to its fame and popularity it has been celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of the month of August.

And about 30,000 tourists take part in this festival on a yearly basis.

The Festival

Generally, people wear old clothes on this day which perhaps they will never wear again in life and join others heading for the city center stopping on the way for refreshment.

And then they run-up to 11 am kick-off which is there and compete in a pole climb only to scramble themselves up a greasy pole for the sake of winning the ham. And after the ham is captured, the party officially commences.

This massive food fight lasts for one hour after which this city is practically ankle-deep in a river of tomato juice. After the whole thing ends, the fire department comes out to clean all the mess.

It is quite an interesting fact to know that citric acid in the tomatoes proves quite miraculously helpful in cleaning up the streets.  The people can be seen to head down to the river for cleaning and washing themselves up.

After that, there’s music, dancing, food and sangria which makes the day complete and satisfactory. And the concoction of having fun, drinking and eating goes on till the sunset. It is when people start heading back to Valencia.

If you go to this festival then you will find yourself to be throwing stuff randomly at random directions in a completely trajectory-less manner which is also the fun part of this very festival. With all this going on at the back of our minds it can be said that Spain is one of the must-visit countries in the world.

Tips & Advice To Attending La Tomatina
  • It is highly advised to wear the kind of clothes which you are ok in not using again. Basically, the kind of clothes which you anyway were going to throw away! Because chances are they won’t get recovered after this fight.
  • Don’t bring your wallet and any kind of important documents on this festival as chances are you will lose them.
  • Always wear goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Arrive early as there is limited space.
  • It is equally important to be aware of the pickpockets. As many thieves are on the lookout to get their hands on the loot.
  • Always stay hydrated as it will be the month of August and it is very hot there during this time.
  • Be aware of the shirt rippers as there are certain people who will try and rip your shirts off. However, it is against rules but then people in the society have a tendency of not listening to advices and breaking rules.

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