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Alaska Airlines was founded in the year 1932 with an iconic purpose to cater to the needs of its passengers. Alaska Airlines comes at number seven when we compare it in terms of its massiveness among its contemporaries in the United States of America.

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Alaska Airlines headquarter is in Seattle and operates from various hubs such as Portland International Airport, Los Angeles Airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. With about 100 traveling destinations like The United States of America, Canada, Mexico Alaskan Airlines convert the experience of Airline Traveling into pure Joy. `

Alaska Airlines bags the award in public opinion of giving them the cheapest traveling deals with a considerable amount of services in an absolute free manner. Alaska Airlines is known to be the benefactor of about 12,998 employees which includes 1550 pilots and 3400 flight attendants. Owing to this terrific fact Alaska Airlines is one of the most prolific Airlines when it comes to offering flight booking deals and unique services. Alaska Airlines include both one-cabin (Economy class) and two-cabin (Economy and First Class) So, if you are in the plausible mood of flying with Alaska Airlines then just give us a call at Toll Free: 844-707-6838 and make your Airlines reservations.

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Alaska Route Map

The route system of Alaska Airlines spans over 92 cities such as United States, Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica. Alaska Airlines has proved to be truly one of the most massive Airlines systems on the west coast. Due to the strong presence of Alaska Airlines in many states it becomes among the favourite Airlines for Air traveling for passengers. It has proven to be one of the biggest carriers on the west coast of United States with its extremely strong foot hold in the state of Alaska, Portland, Seattle. Alaska Airlines serves all the four major airports in San Francisco Bay Arena and all the five major Airports in the Los Angeles area. Interestingly, in the year 2011, SkyWest Airlines started operating Alaska Airlines’ West Coast routes which means that SkyWest would be the owner as well as the operator being responsible for the selling and marketing of the tickets.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance

Baggage Policy:

Carry-on Baggage:

When you are traveling with Alaska Airlines, the passenger is only allowed to carry one bag plus anyone item of personal use which can be a purse, briefcase or a laptop. The maximum dimensions for which is

• Length- 61 cm
• Height- 43 cm
• Width- 25 cm

$25 additional fee would be applicable for carrying more than the carrying limit which is of anyone personal item.

Alaska Airlines Check-in Baggage:

While traveling with Alaska Airlines following baggage policies applies

For First bag $25 will be applicable, for the second bag $25 will be charged and if the passenger has a third plus additional bag then $75 would be applicable. And when the peak period is going on then, it may be possible that the number of bags may get reduced as per the policy of the Airlines. During peak season, the number of bags per passenger may get reduced as per the Alaska Airlines policy. And if the baggage is over-sized i.e, to say that if it weighs 51-100 lbs and has linear dimensions of 63-115’’ then extra fee up to $75 would be applicable. So, book you online Airlines reservations with Alaska Airlines and get the exclusive travel deals at cheap prices.

Baggage Claim :

Unique 20 minutes baggage guarantee It is absolutely true and obvious that no one wants to wait at the baggage claim which is why Alaska Airlines offers a committed delivery of up to 20 minutes baggage guarantee since the year 2010. And if your baggage is not to be seen within 20 minutes of arrival then the passenger get to use $25 discount code for the future onboard Alaska Airline travel.

Special Baggage:

There are some items which a passenger may get to carry on special regulations such as sports equipment. The sports equipment is accepted as checked baggage given that they are properly packed. With all this Alaska Airlines tries its best to make the Air traveling of the passenger into something which is truly amazing.

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Alaska Airlines Inflight Services

Experience and enjoy the iconic inflight services with Alaska Airlines:

Your Airline traveling experience becomes totally an unforgettable journey as you get to watch movies, latest TV serials, eat great food cuisine and get to enjoy the unique and exclusive services with Alaska Airlines.

Free Inflight Entertainment:

Watch popular blockbusters, hit TV shows and short videos on your tablets, or laptops and smartphones with Alaska Airlines.

Food and Drink:

On Alaska Airlines flights, you get to enjoy the most deliciously tasteful dishes created by Seattle’s own Tom Douglas. And don’t forget to try the cheese platter and all the signature culinary skills with Alaska Airlines. Extra Comfortable Seating: The seating experience at Alaska Airlines has been designed to offer extra personal space to the passengers. And when it comes to the technological aspect we can say that all the seats are exceptionally equipped with standard USB ports so that you can charge your electronic devices which leads to great servicing of the passengers making Alaska Airlines their favourite. Faster Inflight


Alaska Airlines is famously known for continuously looking for ways to ease your traveling. That is the reason that why Alaska Airlines has adopted technology onboard to make inflight purchasing easier, cheap and impeccably efficient and faster. The Flight attendants at Alaska Airlines are well equipped with equipment that give them access to the name of the passenger, seat assignment, and any pre-ordered food items which is amazing in its’ own regard.

Special Meals:

Exclusive delicious meals are available on flights of Air Canada to Bogota and Caracas and in Business Class within North America. To name a few special and exotic and deliciously soothing meals offered are; Asian vegetarian, diabetic, lactose- free, low-calorie and much more. All this comes when you make your Air Canada Reservations through Air Canada online booking.

Alaska Pet Policy:

Method of transportation:

Alaska Airlines offers to carry the pets as checked baggage and it also ships the pets as cargo in certain pressurized and temperature controlled environment.

Passenger Cabin

Pets which meet certain criteria can travel in the passenger cabin If the pet can comfortably remain in the kennel under the seat for the entire flight hours then it is applicable under the laws of the Alaska Airlines to carry a pet. However, a major thing which is to be kept in mind is the fact that only domesticated dogs, cat, rabbits are allowed to be carried on the plane. Another thing which is also to be kept in mind here is the fact that dogs and cats must be at least 8 weeks old. The kennel must have a specific purpose of carrying only animals and must not be used for any other purposes.

Checked Baggage

To travel as checked baggage the pets must clear certain criteria:

The pet must comfortably remain in the kennel or the traveling container for the entire duration of the flight/flying hours. The kennel also must meet certain requirements such as the combined weight of the animal and the kennel must not exceed 149 lb. The pet must have all the necessary health documents which are required by your destination Cargo If, in any case your pet doesn’t meet the proper requirements for traveling in the cabin or as checked baggage then, in that case the pet can also be shipped as cargo. For more information regarding the shipping through cargo process you must contact the airlines directly. Fees The charges or fees applicable in the passenger cabin for transporting an animal is about $ 100 for one way. And fees/charges applicable for animal as checked baggage is $100 for one way. Kennel Requirements

The travel box/ kennel must fulfill certain requirements: It must be leak proof and completely escape proof. It also must be completely ventilated so as to allow the animal to breathe in properly. The kennel must provide the animal enough room so that it can stand in a proper way and comfortably. Must contain some absorbent material and must also be labeled as ‘Live Animal’ so as to be seen by the human eye in a fairly good manner. Health Documentation

Alaska Airlines does require health certificate and it is the passenger’s responsibility to provide all the genuine health certificates. Other Restrictions

Alaska Airlines may refuse to transport an animal due to illness, extreme behaviour. What is short nose dogs/ cats are only accepted for travel at owner’s risk.

Alaska Airlines Special Offers :

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• Now get to upgrade to the First-class traveling experience
• Exclusive discounts
• Alaska Airline frequent program

Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service

The unaccompanied minor service in Alaska Airlines is available for those who are aged 5-17 years old and it is applicable for domestic as well as international flights.

When it comes to the age group of 5-7 Years, then, Non-stop or direct flights with $25 fee each way per child is applied according to the norms of Alaska Airlines.

When we talk about the age group of 8-12 Year, $25 fee each way per child for nonstop or direct flights and $50 fee each way per child for connecting flights is applicable according the norms of Alaska Airlines.

For the age group of 13-17 Years unaccompanied minor service is optional. And if it has to be done then $25 fee each way per child for nonstop or direct flights and $50 fee each way per child for connecting flights is applicable according the norms of the Alaska Airlines.

And once the child is handed over to the authorities, every special measure is taken to make him feel absolutely comfortable and he/she remains under constant supervision.

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