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Emirates is a Dubai originated Airline networking system the genesis of which lies in the year of 1985. It operates from a magnificent and grand hub which is present at Dubai International Airport. The Emirates Airlines covers approximately 165 international destinations in 70 countries which is somewhat amazing in itself.

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• Find the luxury of flight booking with Emirates Airlines.
• Even though Emirates is not a part of any formal Airline alliance, it does share its code share agreements with about 15 different carriers.
• The Emirates Airlines fleet consists of approximately 222 aircrafts which includes Airbus330, Airbus A380 and Boeing 777.
• What is interesting about The Emirates is that it offers absolutely excellent services to the passengers providing customer satisfaction and giving them a solid reason to fly with The Emirates again and again.
If we talk about the overall general flying experience of The Emirates then we can say that it is absolutely delightful owing to the fact that it has got inflight mobile phone experience and many other things like this. And intriguingly, The Emirates is the first ever Airline to offer this service on international flights. So, if you are thinking about traveling with Emirates Airlines then reach us at Toll Free: 844-707-6838 and get the perfect flight deals for your magnificent Travels and get the best discounted airfares on online air ticket booking.


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• Emirates Airlines covers its flight to about 165 international Traveling destinations in a magnificent number of 70 countries spanning across six continents from its hub in Dubai.
• The Emirates Airlines has got a very sturdy and dynamic presence in Southeast Asian region and in the South, which together connect Dubai with international destination which is way more than any other Middle Eastern Airline Network.
• If talk about the number of airports which are served by Emirates then India is one of the leading countries in that regard along with the United States and after that comes Pakistan and the United Kingdom with 6 airports and China and Australia end up with 5 airports.
• The Emirates is not a member of any of these three airline alliances which are OneWorld, SkyTeam or Star Alliance. The Emirates Airlines at a time even considered to join the Star Alliance but opted to remain independent.

The Emirates Baggage Allowance

Emirates check in baggage Allowance:

Carry-on Baggage: The classes

• If we talk about the Economy class, then we can say that only 1 carry-on bag is allowed with the dimensions of 22in x 15in x 8in with the maximum weight allowance of about 7 kg.
• Whereas for First class and business class one brief case along with one hand bag and one garment bag is allowed.
• Now let’s us talk about regarding the Dimensions. For a brief case 18in x 14in x 8in is the ideal dimension.
• For a Handbag the ideal dimensions would be of 22in x 15in x 8in. And for a garment bag 8 in would be the most ideal dimension.

Checked Baggage

When we are talking about Checked Baggage then for the passengers who are traveling to/from the North and South America in Economy class 2 pieces are allowed.
Maximum dimensions are of 62 linear inches and the maximum weight allowed is of about 23 kg. If we are talking about Business/First class then maximum 2 pieces can be allowed whose dimensions would be 62 linear inches and the maximum weight would be of 32 kg.?

Overweight Baggage:

If you have a bag weighing up to about 50-70 pounds then $25 would be applicable over it and the baggage weighing over 70 pounds will not be accepted at all.

Oversize Baggage

If, as a passenger you have got more bags than the allowed permission or if your bags are exceeding the required dimensions then an additional fees would be charged for it. Other items like bicycles or surfboards would be charged a fixed handling fee owing to its size and other handling requirements.

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Emirates Airlines In Flight Services

Exclusive on board Services

First Class:

You as a passenger get to experience the feel of that perfect Private suite, and taste the fine dining experience of the most exotic and delicious cuisines. Fly with Emirates First class and discover a part yourself with each journey you make.

Business class:

You won’t get to experience such a fantastic opportunity to explore the world in any other Airline but The Emirates. Get the most authentic dishes, dive into conversations with your friends and join the conversation over fine wines in our on board lounge. Because that’s the Emirates Business class experience.

Emirates Airlines Premium economy:

Relax, feel, rejuvenate and enjoy up to 2,500 channels. Yes, you read it right. Get to fill every moment with brand new stories to tell when you fly in the economy class of Emirates Airlines.


Ranging from private suites, special cabin configurations, flat beds, Emirates Airlines has specially designed every nook and corner of the seating to make your journey absolutely comfortable.


Get to experience and feel a very iconic range of movies, TV shows and games and that too on demand and in multiple languages.

Pet Policy for Emirates Airlines:

United Airlines also has a configuration regarding pet travel. Yes, if you have a pet with you then you can take it with you either in the passenger cabin or as checked baggage or either it can be shipped in pressurized and temperature controlled area.

According to Emirates Pet Policy checked as baggage is allowed in pressurized and temperature controlled area of your aircraft.
According to Emirates Pet Policy the pets cannot travel in the cabin with the exception of Falcon birds on flights between Dubai and Pakistan and same goes for Guide dogs for the blind. Pets and other animals are accepted in Emirates flights given the IATA Live Animals Regulations are met with the most ethical way and manner.
The kennel in which each animal travels must be of a considerably adequate size and a suitable design, and sufficient strength to prevent escape and/or injury during flight simultaneously which could allow the animal to stand and move in a hassle free manner.
Charges Applicable
Emirates Airlines implies fees which for excess baggage regarding all the animals which are transported as checked baggage.

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Emirates Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service

Talking about the Unaccompanied minor service is also a must. So, for children who are traveling alone, Emirates Airlines offers a completely separate check-in facilities regarding the departure with the staff dedicated to accompany the minors in a very safe manner as it is indeed a big responsibility. Parents should present the child for check in availing the unaccompanied minor service about 2 hours prior to the flight’s departure.
If the parents want then on the special request of them, Emirates Airlines can take Polaroid photographs of the minor if there is time allowance.
And on the arrival of the flight the employee meets the unaccompanied children at the aircraft door and can help the child with the fundamental formalities before handing them over to the guardian.

• Children who are under the age of 5 years are not allowed to travel at all unless they have an adult guardian along with them or someone who is at least 16 years of age.
• Children aged between the age gap of 5-12 years of age traveling without their parents or any legal guardian are entitled to this unaccompanied minor service.
• Children who are of 12 years of age can also avail the unaccompanied minor service if requested so by their parents or the legal guardians

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