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Malaysia Airlines was founded in the year of 1937 and is also a member of one world alliance. Malaysia Airlines is the flag carrier of Malaysia and has got its main hub at Kuala Lumpur Airport and Kota Kinabalu International Airport.
• The Malaysia Airlines covers about 60 flying destinations in Asia, Oceania, Middle East and Europe as well

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•The first one which is Enrich is designed keeping in mind the need of the frequent fliers and the second one which is Grads is designed keeping in mind the needs of the students.

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Route Map For Malaysia Airlines

Manchester gets a flight take off on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 2000 on 747. There are direct flights from LHR there are also direct flights to Penang on a 747 on Saturday at 1805 and on Tuesday it is on 2100.

From LHR there are also direct flights to Penang on a 747 on Saturday at 1805 and on Tuesday at 2100. Langkawi also gets a flight from LHR on a 747 at 2100 on Wednesday and Sunday.

Amsterdam to KL is daily on a 747 at 1200 and the route is fixed except for Tuesday and Thursday at 2035. There are codeshare flights to the Nordic countries. From KL there are flights to Adelaide on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 1250. There is a daily flight for Frankfurt at 1200 with a 777. Paris CDG is daily except Wednesday and Thursday at 1200 on a 747. Rome gets a 777 on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Talking about Zurich it gets a 777 on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 1250.

On a Monday and Saturday, there is a flight from Vienna at 1230 in a 777, plus codeshares on Austrian Airline’s 777 at 1100. Cape Town gets a flight on Monday and Friday on a 747. Talking about Los Angeles, it gets a flight every day except Tuesday and Thursday at 1515. Singapore gets a flight on Monday and Friday on a 737 at 2315 and Bangkok gets a shuttle five times a day.

Baggage Allowance for Malaysia Airlines

Baggage Policies

For Carry-on Baggage 1 baggage is allowed provided that it qualifies for the dimensional criteria. All the carry-on baggage must synchronize either in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. Moreover, the economy class passengers are allowed one carry-on bag the dimensions of which must not exceed 115 cm in length breadth and height and it must also not exceed 7 kg in weight. On the other hand, the business class passengers are allowed to carry two bags of the same parameters. For Checked Baggage for all locations except North/ South America maximum weight which is allowed for Economy class passengers is of about 30 kg and for Business Class Passengers it is of 40 kg and for First class passengers it is of about 50 kg.

If we talk about flights regarding to and from North/South America the maximum weight for Economy class passengers is of about 23 kg and for Business class it is 32 kg. What is interesting is the fact that Enrich Platinum members get 100% baggage allowance. For Enrich Gold members there is an extra 50% baggage allowance. Enrich Silver members get 5 kg extra checked baggage allowance.

1) Excess Baggage:

For excess baggage there is a fees applicable which applies to each 5 kg of extra baggage.

Within Peninsular Malaysia/within Sabah/Sarawak MYR 40 are charged. And when crossing between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak it is of about MYR 50. If we talk about Malaysia and ASEAN countries then an amount of MYR 60 is applicable. For South Asia and China it is of about MYR 85. For North Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East MYR of 95 is applicable and for Europe MYR 135 is applicable.

For Economy Class, baggage weighing over 23 kg and up to 32 kg, passengers will be charged $25 per piece for the first 2 pieces.

2) Sports Equipment:

When talk about the sports equipment there are many criteria which matter like size, equipment and other handling requirements which will be charged and it will be applicable even if the equipment replaces one of your allowed baggage pieces.

3) Infants:

If we consider about infants then we can say that they are allotted one carry-on bag with dimensional limit of 45 inches which can be carried as cabin baggage and one fully pushchair. The weight of the allowed items must not exceed 10 kg in total.

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Inflight services for Malaysia Airlines

On board Services:

In-flight Entertainment:

If you want to watch a thriller or a romantic comedy, be it a blockbuster or a smash hit, the passenger gets to enjoy his/her favourite visual content, videos, games and much more to make the passengers flying experience a very comfortable one.

Fine Dining:

When it comes to offering cuisine, then Malaysia Airlines offers an absolute delicious variety of food items on first class and business class. Get the best options and variety for meals and book them in advance to savour your meal in a hassle free manner.

Duty-free Shopping

WGet to browse through in-flight shopping magazine from your seat and pick the best brands at enticing pricing.

Golden Lounge

Malaysia Airlines ensures that the passengers get to travel in a world class manner and for which it has provided the phenomenal golden lounge. It is just the perfect place to relax before boarding the flight.

Malaysia Airlines Pet Policy

Method of Transportation

The pet animals are allowed as checked baggage in pressurized and temperature controlled area of the aircraft.

Checked baggage

Pets which meet the following criteria are allowed to travel as checked baggage.

• Malaysia Airlines only allows animals like dogs, cats and fish to fly.
• Fees associated
• The fees or charges applicable depend on various factors such as weight of the travel box. For more detailed info you can contact the Malaysia Airlines directly.
• Kennel requirements
• The Kennel must be leak-proof and must have absorbent materials present in it.
• It must be properly ventilated and must not allow any part of the animal to protrude outside.
• It must allow the animal to stand and turn around.
• It must be made of metal, wood, or a hard plastic/composite.
• Must be labelled with the words ‘Live Animal’ in letters at least 1-inch tall so that it is fairly visible.

Health Documentation

Malaysia Airlines doesn’t really need any health documents like many other countries. It’s the passenger’s responsibility to be careful regarding the regulations for his/her animal’s health and the airlines policy. The passenger must consult the veterinarian and the department of agriculture to make sure that the animals comply with all other requirements.

Other restrictions

However, the Malaysia Airlines may refuse to transport an animal due to illness, aggressive behaviour, poor kennelling or extreme temperature at origin, transfer or destination airports.

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Unaccompanied Minor Service for Malaysia Airlines

Young children who are flying without a legal guardian or a parent are considered to be an unaccompanied minor. Almost every airline offers a service for these children to help them travel safely and without any kind of non-comfort.

The Unaccompanied minor service is mandatory for children who are between the age group of 5-12 years of age. Malaysia Airlines provides an escort for the children during the flight hours who are under the age of 5 and who are traveling alone.

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