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Aeroflot Airlines was the first Airlines company which joined the IATA in 1989 and is the largest airline networking system of Russia.

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Aeroflot is Russia’s largest airline networking system and is the member of SkyTeam alliance operating from a hub at Sheremetyevo International Airport.
Aeroflot Airlines covers about 130 destinations globally as well as domestically reaching to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North America and the Caribbean. Aeroflot shares its codeshare agreements with more than 25 other carriers. Aeroflot Airlines constantly strives to enhance the quality of its products and services as well as on expanding its range. Aeroflot Airlines constantly enhance the quality of its products and services as well as on expanding its range.
Aeroflot Airlines has also bagged Wings of Russia national award in an amazing three nominations:
1) Air carrier of the year – passenger choice
2) Air carrier of the year – passenger carrier on international airlines
3) Russian airline of the year – passengers’ sympathy leader
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Aeroflot Airlines Route Map

Aeroflot started its operations from the year 1923 July 15 and it linked Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, and it became the first regular services of the country. The name Aeroflot specifically was taken in the year 1932 and after Dobrolet got reorganised. By the end of 1930s the carrier had the following routes which were in operation: Kharkov-Kiev, Kharkov-Odessa, Kiev-Odessa, Kiev-Rostov-Mineralnye Vody, Kiev-Simferopol Moscow-Leningrad, Moscow-Minsk, Moscow-Odessa, Moscow-Sochi, Moscow–Kuybishev, Moscow–Baku–Tbilisi, Moscow–Simferopol, Moscow–Stalingrad–Astrakhan, Tbilisi–Sukhumi, Tbilisi–Yerevan, Kutasi–Mestia and Sukhumi–Sochi.

In the year of 1965 April, the carrier operated a successfully running domestic and international network. In March 1970, Aeroflot had a route network that was 6,00,000 kilometres long, about a quarter of which covered international destinations.

It was the year of 2000 March, when Sheremetyevo became the carrier’s main operational base along with Novosibirsk, St Petersburg and Vladivostok from where it operated scheduled international services to Amsterdam, Bangkok, Barcelona, Cairo, Casablanca, Chicago, Colombo, Dakar, Tokyo, Venice, Vienna etc. And talking about the domestic flights they go to Adler/Sochi, Anapa, Arkhangelsk, Belgorod, Bratsk, Rostov, Volgograd and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk etc.

Aeroflot Airlines Baggage Policies And Allowance

Baggage Policies:

1) Carry-On Baggage:

Every passenger is allowed atleast one carry one bag and one personal item. It is necessary that every carry-on baggage must get fit in the overhead bin or in the under seat which lies in front of the passenger. The maximum weight for Carry-on luggage is of about 10kg’s.

2) Checked Baggage:

Every passenger, according to the Aeroflot Airlines Policies is allowed maximum of about 2 checked baggage’s the maximum dimensions of which for Business class must not exceed 203 linear cm or 79.9 linear inches. The weight limit which is allowed is of about 32 kg’s per checked bag according to the Aeroflot Airlines baggage policies. For Economy class the maximum dimensions limit is of about 158 linear cm or 62.2 linear inches which is inclusive of length, width and height. And the maximum weight which is allowed for the Economy class is of about 23 kg’s which is 50lbs per checked baggage.

3) Overweight Baggage:

The charges which are applicable may vary directly depending on the specific flight route.

4) Special Baggage:

According to the Aeroflot Airlines special baggage policies the charges for some items like ski equipment, golf equipment and musical equipment are fixed relating to the size and other handling requirements.

To know more about Aeroflot Airlines Baggage policy

Aeroflot Airlines Inflight Services for Economy Class

Aeroflot Airlines offers its newest fleets to the passengers with the premium seats, exotic cuisine along with the best in class entertainment system. Friendly flight attendants make it all the more comfortable and hassle-free to fly with Aeroflot Airlines.
Aeroflot Airlines Comfort Class Get the most comfortable seats, the exotic meals along with the combination of best in class inflight multimedia entertainment system while you fly in Aeroflot Comfort Class.
Aeroflot Airlines Business Class Aeroflot Business Class is known for taking care of every single minute detail relating to the well-being of its passengers without forgetting the small things which matters the most and are somewhat responsible in making the brightest of the expressions on the passengers during flight hours.


If we talk about the dining experience, we can say that it has proven to be truly phenomenal for the passengers owing to the fact that the Aeroflot Airlines menu has been created by some of the most professionally well -known and celebrated chefs. The passengers get to taste the most unique signature Russian dishes while traveling by Aeroflot Airlines.

Taxi Reservation Services:

In-flight taxi reservation services are free-of-charge under Aeroflot Airlines policy. Talking about the fares, they are paid depending upon the taxi company’s rates which includes a special discount for Aeroflot Airlines passengers after the journey is completed.

Inflight Shopping:

When we speak about the shopping experience of the Aeroflot Airlines; the passengers can purchase their desired items on board. Aeroflot Airlines offers a wide selection of the most renowned perfumes and cosmetic products as well and other than that the passengers can purchase electronic devices, jewellery, travel accessories from the world’s leading companies and manufacturers.

Communication Services:

Stay in touch with your family, friends and loved ones during your flight hours! The in-flight Internet service allows the passengers to access internet services through Wi-Fi and reach out to any part of the world while flying.

Aeroflot Pet Policy

Method of Transportation:

Under Aeroflot Airlines Policy the pets can be transported using following methods
• Travel in the passenger cabin.
• Checked as baggage in pressurized and temperature controlled area of your aircraft.
Pets that meet the following stated qualifications are allowed to travel in the passenger’s cabin:

• Only dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals are accepted for air travel.
• The sum of the kennel's measurements (length/width/height) cannot exceed 115 cm/44in in an inclusive manner.
• The weight of the animal inside the kennel must not exceed the weight limit of 8kg/18lbs.
• The pet must have all the necessary health documents for which the owner of the pet must be responsible.

Checked Baggage

Pets which meet certain qualifications are allowed to travel as checked baggage:
• The pet must comfortably remain in its kennel during the entire flight hours and it should also be able to stand up and turn around 360 degrees inside the kennel taking into account its comfort level.
• The inclusive weight of the animal and kennel must not exceed 70 lbs/32 kg.
• Your pet must have all the necessary health documents required by your destination. For more information, you can directly contact the airlines.

Fees Associated

Pets are not considered to be a part of free baggage allowance and there will be charges applicable which will directly depend on the weight of the pet and the kennel. Kennel Requirements
Following are the Kennel requirements for Pets
• The base of the kennel in which the pet is to be kept must be water-resistant
• In certain exceptional cases, the passenger may be permitted to transport animals in a securely closed basket or similar.
• It must have absorbent material.
• It must be seen that bird cages should be covered with thick light-tight fabric.

Health Documentation

If you are departing from Russia then, in that case, you will need a veterinary passport and a medical certificate and a certificate from Moscow breeding clubs stating that the animal has got no breeding value. It is the passenger's responsibility to be aware of all regulations for carrying all the necessary health documentation. You should consult your veterinarian and the Department of Agriculture to ensure that the animal will comply with all the requirements. However, due to the pet’s illness, aggressive behaviour, poor kennelling and extreme temperatures the airlines can certainly refuse to transport the pet.

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• Redeem miles for cabin class upgrade under Aeroflot Airlines
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Aeroflot Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service

The unaccompanied minor services are available for the children who are between the age group of 5-16 years and who are traveling without an adult. Children who are under 5 years of age cannot travel as an unaccompanied minor without an adult.
Fees Associated for Unaccompanied minor services:
The charges applicable for unaccompanied minors are 100 % of the adult fare. And talking about the flight restrictions, there are none but the connecting flights do have a service charge applicable

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