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Turkish Airlines was founded in the year of 1933 and is also a member of Star Alliance and has its codeshare agreements with more than 40 airlines. Turkish Airlines covers and flies up to 280 airports in 110 countries in Europe, Asia and the middle-East, Africa, North America and South America.

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Turkish Airlines flies to more than any other airline in the world. An interesting fact about it is that it is the world’s fourth largest carrier and is measured by a number of destinations served. Make your reservations for Turkish Airlines and get the lowest airfares.

ITurkish Airlines carrier operates from hubs at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Esenboga International Airport and Sabiha Gokcen International Airport which has been designated as a focus city. Turkish Airlines has a fleet of 286 passenger aircrafts which fly to international destinations.

So, if you have decided about exploring Turkey, then, book your Turkish Airlines flight tickets and get special Air Ticket Discounts on Turkish Airlines travel by calling on the toll free number Toll Free: 844-707-6838 and make your Turkish Airlines Reservations.

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Turkish Airlines Route Map

FMain Airbase of Turkish Airlines is at Istanbul Ataturk Airport and is named in honour of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who was the founder and was also the first ever president of the Republican Turkey.

From Istanbul, Turkish Airlines directly looks to Asia with its on-going flights to Bangkok daily at 2335 (arrives 1305), Beijing on daily basis with the exceptions of Wednesday’s and Saturday’s at 23:45, Mumbai at 18:45 and Delhi at 18:45 it’s arrival is at 3:10, Riyadh, Singapore.

And as per a code share it stops at Dubai en-route. On the other hand after making exceptions of Wednesday and Saturday the Singapore flight i.e. TK66 flies off to Jakarta (CGK) landing at 17:25 the furthest flung outpost of Turkish Airlines.

The flights go to Hong Kong on Tuesday’s, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 23:50. You can get ticket to Turkish Airlines to Sydney through Hong Kong on Qantas which proves to be cheaper than just buying second leg yourself. For Osaka it is on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 23:50.

Talking about the state of Chicago we can observe that it gets a daily flight at 11:20 which sometimes carries on to Washington as well before coming back to Turkey in a circular motion.

Baggage Information

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

Baggage Policies

1) Carry-on Baggage:

For Business class passengers in Turkish Airlines 2 bags along with any one personal item is allowed provided that it fits as per the dimensions which are 23 x 40 x 55 cm and the weight limit which is of about 8 kg.

For Economy class passengers in Turkish Airlines one bag along with any one personal item is allowed with the dimensional restrictions of 23 x 40 x 55 cm and the weight must not exceed more than 8 kg.

2) Checked Baggage:

For Business class passenger’s two bags are allowed for the flights to/from USA and Canada. The maximum weight for each bag is 32 kg and the maximum dimension of each piece is of about 158 cm but they cannot exceed 273 cm combined.

The Domestic Flights

For Business Class passengers in domestic flights the maximum weight limit is of about 30 kg and as for Economy class passengers the maximum weight limit is of about 20 kg and for infants it is of 10 kg.

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Inflight Services

On Board Flight Services For Turkish Airlines

Flying with Turkish Airlines can really prove to be one of the most memorable experiences for the passenger.

The High Class Entertainment

The inflight entertainment system is adapted for use in certain routes which are served by A330, A340, B777 and A321.

Inflight entertainment system is in use on certain routes served by our A330, A340, B777 and A321 (C/CL) -type aircraft. The entertainment division of Turkish Airlines includes a section of classical, feature and International and Children’s films, documentaries, fashion, food and classical Turkish music as well.

The Exotic Meal Service

Turkish Airlines provides delicious meal needs of guests such as medical, dietary and religious needs. Special meal requests have to be done during Turkish flight booking at least 24 hours before hand.

Pet Policy for Turkish Airlines

Method of Transportation

The Pets can travel in cabin or as checked baggage under the policy of Turkish Airlines

Passenger Cabin

Pets which meet the certain qualification are allowed to travel in Turkish Airlines. These are:

• The Pet must remain its kennel at all times during the hours of the flight.
• Only cats and dogs are allowed.
• The kennel is specifically made for carrying animals and does not exceed 45 x 35 x 23cm
• Talking about the weight part then it must not exceed 6 kg.
• The passengers are responsible for carrying animal’s proper health certificate and all the vaccinations regarding it.

Checked Baggage

Pets that meet the following criteria can travel as checked baggage

• Dogs and Cats which weigh more than 6 kg are travel need to be transported through the cargo compartment of the plane.
• And a maximum of two dogs can come in the same kennel and share it with each other.
• And as for the cats, only a single cat is allowed per kennel.

Fees Associated

Pets and Kennels cannot be inclusive of baggage allowance. The pet is weighed along with the box and if the limit exceeds it is charged as excess baggage. For USA and Canada flights, a flat fee is applied in addition to the excess baggage fee.

Kennel Requirements

Following are the Kennel requirements:

It must be leak-proof and escape-proof along with proper ventilation but at the same time it must not allow the animal to be in a non-comfort in any sense. It must contain absorbent material. And definitely must be labelled with ‘Live Animal’ on the box which is fairly visible to the mind’s eye.

Health Documents

For details regarding this, the passenger is advised to contact the Turkish Airlines. However, the Turkish Airlines may refuse to transport an animal because of various reasons such as aggressive behaviour, poor kennelling, or due to specific temperatures at origin, transfer or destinations airports.

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Unaccompanied Minor service of Turkish Airlines

The Unaccompanied minor service of Turkish Airlines is mandatory for the children who are between 7-12 age group and who are traveling without an adult. Children who are in the age group of 13-17 years of age are not necessarily required to travel as unaccompanied minors but the service is optional. Children who are under seven years of age cannot simply air travel unless they are accompanied by an adult.

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