When a customer books airline tickets he/she confirms that he/she possess the authority, which is legal in nature, to accept the terms and conditions of the whole procedure for him/herself and for the people who are with him/her. The user agreement applicable is governed by the respectable laws of United States of America. Explorer Whiz as a legal entity which is digital in nature is not liable, or accountable, and don’t act in a principal manner in the whole process but we at Explorer Whiz necessarily make the highly imperative schedules and the arrangements which are required with other third-party vendors, such as, which are not limited to the respective airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, tour operators and consolidators and other travel product suppliers for travel and leisure services which we provide to our prestigious clients and customers.

The Booking
The term “booking” which is technically used in Airline networking system means any order for products and services which the customer makes on our online travel Website, which is confirmed by us in immediate manner for his/her personal use. When a customer makes a booking via this website, the contract will be considered between the Travel “Supplier(s)” and the customer and which would be legally binding for a specific amount of time.
Explorer Whiz as a legal online entity, which is governed by and under the applicable laws of United States of America, accept no accountability, liability and any kind or type of responsibility for any kind of omissions or errors from the suppliers end or customers end, or for the products and services provided by them as we are a platform, on which third party vendors also operate in a specific manner, and we are not to be held responsible for such kind of errors which may be incurred from there end. However, we as a legal digital entity can become liable, accountable and responsible to you, the respective customer, if we have been untruthful and have not delivered or complied as per our promised services our services, in that case we can be held accountable, or in case, if we have misrepresented or misinterpreted the important information which can be harmful for the customer.
The Financial Responsibility
You, as a customer, accept the financial responsibility for all transactions made under your legal name or in your account which is legal in nature. In order to make a purchase you must be 18 years old in age, and must have the legal capacity to make the transaction as per the laws. In case you are making a booking for a group such as family, you will be responsible for payment of all and would be legally binding until the whole process. You must make sure that all the information you provide to us is true and accurate in terms of laws applicable.

Explorer Whiz as a law abiding digital entity offer our services to the end consumer and we do not guarantee or make any warranties regarding the information which is present on the website to be true, that is to say, that it is not necessarily free from any types of errors or mistakes, or we do not make any statements that the information is imperatively suitable or useful for that matter, for your intended purposes and uses. We at Explorer Whiz will use all plausible measures for rectifying and updating any kinds of errors or omissions as soon as practicable, once they have been brought up to our attention, with immediate effect.

We hereby state that this website has and does contain the links to websites which are owned and operated by other third parties and digital vendors and any relation to any third party or the content are not controlled or maintained by us in any which way and we are not be held liable in any which way or responsible for that in any which manner; and we hereby do not guarantee or take any kind of liability towards the accuracy of such kind of information regarding its authenticity and honesty.

Payments and Reimbursement
Any payment/ reimbursement would be the direct and sole responsibility of the respective airline and we as a legal entity which is digital in nature are not be held accountable or liable for any kind of payments or refunds and reimbursements regarding finances. The customer must also see to it that the mode or means of payment used by him/her is his/her own in a legal way so as not be faced with any kind or type of legal issues later and that sufficient finances and funds are available to cover the cost of the travel and other (if any) arrangements which you book with us. When we receive, and accept your booking we will send you a booking confirmation e-mail and debit payment from you which would be rightfully ours in that respect after providing our services to you. If, in any case you, as a customer wish and want to cancel out your booking and wish to attempt to claim a refund, please telephone/ email us, whichever means of communication is suitable to you within immediate effect so that we could, from our end, commence the imperative procedure, so if, according to any external circumstances, you as a customer who is taking our services wish go further and proceed towards the cancellation, you as a customer ought to, in a highly imperative way and in immediate effect must notify us in writing via e-mail. If, by any chance you do not notify us, the legal entity and your point of contact in the whole procedure and at the same time do not show up and don’t notify us of your intentions and the reason, then in that case, it would be conserved as a ‘no show’ and your money would be forfeited in that case and neither us or the airlines would be responsible for that.
If, in any case, you, the sole entity responsible for your tickets lose them, you must being a responsible customer must notify us as soon as possible immediately. It may be possible that, the tickets could be re-issued for a certain fee applicable which would be depending on the airline's/ supplier's rules.